Author: VI Tree Service

Things To Know About Evergreen Care in the Winter

Vancouver, BC, Canada locals should know these tips for proper evergreen care.  Don’t Miss These Maintenance Tips For the Evergreen It might not be a home appliance, but that evergreen out front requires maintenance just like anything else in and around the home. Evergreen trees are beautiful creatures with the ability to withstand brutal weather […]

The Long History of the Christmas Tree

Arborists in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Share Tips and History of the Christmas Tree How This Christmas Tradition Got Started and This Year’s Trends Ever wonder when the tradition of bringing a tree into the home at Christmas started? It seems normal to us now because it’s part of many people’s tradition and has been for […]

Autumn Tree Care Made Easy

Arborists in Vancouver, BC Share Fall Tree Care Tips Along with the many tasks homeowners must complete to get their homes ready for winter, they should not forget tree maintenance. Late fall is the ideal time to perform most tree care tasks, including pruning, fertilizing, and mulching. Going the extra mile to care for your […]

How Big Of A Problem Is Exposed Tree Roots?

Arborists in Vancouver share information about exposed tree roots in your landscape. Trees add so much value to a landscape. But, they can make lawn care more difficult. Constantly picking up fallen limbs and raking up leaves before you mow adds extra steps to your landscaping process. It can be especially distressing when you are […]