The Long History of the Christmas Tree

Arborists in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Share Tips and History of the Christmas Tree

How This Christmas Tradition Got Started and This Year’s Trends

Ever wonder when the tradition of bringing a tree into the home at Christmas started? It seems normal to us now because it’s part of many people’s tradition and has been for years. But this wasn’t always so. And decorating it with lights came years later. But, since trends change and people make their own traditions, it’s good to know what’s hot and what’s not this year. 

No two Christmas trees are the same and every passing year gives people the chance to adopt a new tradition or just try something new for a change! Plus, this article will give homeowners a glimpse of what to do with their tree once the holiday is over. 

A Glimpse of Christmas History

Evergreen plants have held special meaning for cultures all around the world since civilization started. The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Druids, and Vikings all brought evergreen boughs into their homes or hung them over their doors for religious reasons or as symbols. But the tradition as we know it today didn’t start until the 16th century when Christian Germans started to bring trees into their homes. It is thought that the famous Protestant Martin Luther started the tradition of lighting the tree. It is said that he wanted to bring the brilliance of the stars to his family and so decorated his tree with lighted candles. 

Evergreen trees didn’t make their way to Canada until 1781 and didn’t become widespread until the mid 19th century. Ever since then, Christmas trees have become a yearly tradition for Canadians and Americans alike. 

This Year’s Christmas Tree Trends 

Nothing beats the smell of a real Christmas tree in the house. No matter how many air fresheners, candles, or plug-in-fresheners they make, there’s nothing like the real thing. Accordingly, there’s nothing like a white Christmas. Unfortunately, this is a little harder to accomplish without controlling the weather. The next best thing is flocking a tree. Anyone can add this artificial snow to a real or fake tree, as it comes in both spray and powder form. 

Another trend this year is layering the lighting on the Christmas tree. To do this, simply use large retro lights, standard tree lights, and small fairy lights to make the tree bright and festive. In fact, with enough lights on the tree, ornaments become optional. The tree looks good with or without them!

What to do With Your Tree After Christmas

Once the holiday is over it can feel like a waste to just toss the tree. Here are a few things anyone can do with a tree once the holiday is over. 

  • Turn it into mulch for the garden.
  • Use pieces of the trunk for indoor decorations, such as candle holders, or an outdoor bird feeder. 
  • Compost it.
  • Recycle it at a participating garden center. 

Contact your local tree care specialists or tree trimming company and ask them for unique ways to use the tree in your garden or to help our furry friends keep out of the cold. Or, if you want to pot the plant and try to keep it alive, an arborist will be able to give you pointers. Christmas trees are very resilient and can bounce back with proper tree care. 

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