Things To Know About Evergreen Care in the Winter

Vancouver, BC, Canada locals should know these tips for proper evergreen care. 

Don’t Miss These Maintenance Tips For the Evergreen

It might not be a home appliance, but that evergreen out front requires maintenance just like anything else in and around the home. Evergreen trees are beautiful creatures with the ability to withstand brutal weather conditions when they are properly cared for. The only time brown spots tend to show up on an evergreen is when the tree is in serious need of a little TLC. depending on how much brown the tree has determines whether or not professional assistance is necessary. Fortunately, local professionals have tips to help homeowners maintain their evergreen trees and to know when to call for help!

Continue reading to learn more about how to properly care for evergreens. 

About the Evergreen and Its Response to Weather

Evergreen trees are durable creatures. They don’t require a lot of attention throughout the year and even manage to keep green leaves year-round no matter where they’re planted. Typically, they can adapt to weather changes quickly and effortlessly. This is the main reason they are so durable.

During the winter, they hit a dormant season where not much growth happens. It is recommended that homeowners not prune their evergreens during this time as well. Pruning the tree might seem like the right thing for it, but it actually exposes the tree to the elements. It’s almost as if their coat is taken off their back. They will get too stressed out and could potentially die because of it. 

Another good thing to note is that watering is crucial. If homeowners water too much or too little in the winter, the tree will respond negatively by turning brown. Yes, it’s possible for evergreens to turn brown during the winter. 

Common Reasons They Turn Brown

For the most part, evergreens understand the elements. That said, sometimes evergreens still turn brown. There are ways homeowners can try to prevent this as much as possible, but first, the homeowner has to understand why the problem happens in the first place. 

A few reasons evergreens turn brown during the winter are:

  • Old age
  • Overwatering
  • Underwatering
  • The homeowner didn’t protect the tree before the season began

Adult evergreen trees should only be watered twice a month during the winter, but it’s important to ensure that the water is 2 feet in depth at each watering. 

One great way to protect an evergreen tree during the winter is to lay down a fresh layer of winter mulch. This should give the tree the protection it needs to stay green all winter, but if this doesn’t help, homeowners can also try wrapping the tree. 

How to Fix it

The last thing anyone wants to do is deal with the inconvenience of a tree emergency. Tree servicing professionals understand this, which is why homeowners can first try to restore the green to their evergreen without professionals. 

If the tree only has a small number of brown leaves, the homeowner can try to water the tree or reduce the amount they are watering. If the tree continues to get worse, a professional should be called. 

Usually, this isn’t considered an emergency unless the entire tree is dead. Either way, it is better safe than sorry and professionals may even be able to help the homeowner over the phone depending on the circumstance. 

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