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Emergency Tree Services

Emergency Tree Service In The Vancouver Area

Emergencies with your trees can happen at any time. When faced with a tree emergency, call the professional arborists at VI Tree Service, day or night.

Trees represent incredible value when it comes to the beauty and comfort of our work and living spaces. Neighbourhoods with old, mature trees have properties that are routinely valued higher than those without them. Studies show that being around trees increases relaxation and feelings of wellbeing. Unfortunately, trees can present huge safety hazards to people and structures. Trees can uproot and fall onto homes and limbs can break off and damage power lines.

While there is no good time for a tree emergency, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you can call on the professionals at VI Tree Service anytime, day or night. Don’t suffer from the frustration and fear that comes from having your property damaged by a tree. We keep technicians on call so we can be ready at a moment’s notice to help you respond.

What Is A Tree Emergency?

Tree emergencies occur any time a tree or its limbs fall onto houses, vehicles, utility lines or roadways. Emergencies are often the result of weather events, such as high winds, that stress trees beyond what they can take and snap limbs. Heavy rains can wet the ground so that root structures can’t hold on and the tree uproots.

Some common issues we get called for include:

  • • A branch has fallen on a car or through a window
  • • There is a tree leaning or close to falling over
  • • Tree growth has entangled a power line
  • • There are roots damaging plumbing or landscaping
  • • Mould or bacteria is affecting other plants on your property

Whatever the cause, VI Tree Service is ready to help. If you find your home, property or roadways blocked by downed trees or limbs, call us for quick and safe removal.

How To Prevent Tree Emergencies

Taking action now is crucial to keep potential tree problems from becoming full-blown emergencies. By enlisting the help of the certified professionals at VI Tree Service, you can rest assured that none of your trees are likely to cause an emergency. It all starts with a “tree analysis” and “tree structure evaluation.” If you have trees that you think could pose a problem to structures on your property, our arborists can come out and make an assessment.

During an assessment, our team will inspect the health and structural integrity of trees on your property. We will look for signs of instability that could indicate the tree is likely to uproot. Dead limbs and hollow truck sections are also warning signs that we take into account.

If we find that trees on your property may be subject to causing problems we will take immediate action to rectify them. Often, pruning or corrective trimming can be done to keep nuisance limbs from falling onto your home, vehicles or driveways. In extreme cases, tree removals may be recommended. Insurance requirements would be an example of why a tree may need to be removed.

Professional Emergency Tree Services

At VI Tree Services, we are always ready to help you in case of an emergency. Tree emergencies can be very stressful and dangerous events. One call to us and we will dispatch a team to protect you and your property from further damage. Our team will work diligently to neutralize any active threats to your safety and come up with a long term plan for corrective action.

We’ve been serving the Vancouver area since 1990, so we know exactly what the citizens of the surrounding area need.

Don’t let a tree emergency cause you unnecessary stress. Call 1 (844) 884-8733 anytime for responsive and caring service. We’re ready any time, day or night to help.