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Plant Health Care Help and Services

Plant Health Care Services In Vancouver

Arborists are qualified for more than just tree health. The tree care experts at VI Tree Service in Vancouver can help with all of your plant health care needs.

Trees don’t exist separate and apart from everything else. They are a part of a larger ecosystem that exists around them. Whether they are in a landscape or out in the wild, trees are coexisting with everything else around them. When outside forces cause issues with the surrounding ecosystem, all parts of it can suffer. Making changes to these ecosystems or attempting to undo damage to one can be a mind-boggling task for people who aren’t trained to do so. Fortunately, that’s where the experts at VI Tree Service can step in.

Our arborists have the training to help you heal your land holistically, not just by treating the separate individual parts.

What Is Plant Health Care?

A major part of the arborist’s training is learning how certain actions will affect the surrounding landscape. For example, when a tree is pruned or trimmed, the canopy is reduced and more light will penetrate to the ground. This can stimulate the growth of some plants while being harmful to others. As fertilizers are applied to turfgrass, trees are also affected. Conversely, nutritional amendments given to a tree will affect everything else that is growing in that space.

The knowledge required to delicately balance all of the aspects in a landscape is incredibly important. The arborists at VI Tree Service know how to practice this balance. Our arborists can ensure that we are doing the best thing to care for your entire landscape. Not just your trees.

How Do Arborists Practice Tree Disease Control?

Disease can invade trees and shrubs in the form of fungus, bacteria or insects. Regardless of the symptoms, the underlying cause is usually stress of some form. Trees have immune systems just like humans. When healthy, they can naturally defend against attacks from outsiders. When the tree is stressed, infections can take hold and spread, damaging large sections of the tree or even killing it.

Our arborists detect the underlying stresses of the tree by performing a plant analysis of the whole landscape. They will note water levels, sun exposure and they will need to know what amendments have already been made. Once they have an idea about what is causing the stress, they can recommend a course of action.

What Steps Are Taken To Optimize Plant Health Care?

When our arborists have determined there is an issue with a tree or landscape, they have several methods of restoring the plants to health. Some of these include:

  • • Nutritional amendments
  • • Fertilization
  • • Soil management techniques
  • • Insect management
  • • Selective pruning or trimming

Working With Professional Tree Care Service

If you have noticed that your trees or landscaping are not performing as well as they should, enlist the help of the licensed professionals at VI Tree Service. With our training, we can come up with a plan to help you rescue your suffering landscape. With our combined experience, we’ve helped customers save hundreds of trees and maximize the health and beauty of their landscape.

VI Tree Service has been serving the Vancouver area since 1990. We have a team of over 80 professionals eager to help you with all of your tree care needs. We strive to offer the highest levels of service and perform our work safely. Trust your trees to the best!
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