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Honest Tree Services in Campbell River

Finding a reliable tree servicing company has never been easier! You can trust the experts at VI Tree Service for all your tree servicing needs.

When a tree’s integrity is compromised, it can lead to property damages or even injury to you or someone close by. It is crucial to ensure the health and safety of the trees and plants in your yard. Not only will it increase your property value, but it will also keep your home safe and your trees and plants safe from premature decay. If you are located in the Campbell River area, look no further than the experts at VI Tree Service for any and all of your tree servicing needs. We are your reliable and trustworthy tree servicing company that will treat your home as if it were our own. We also understand that tree emergencies do happen and need to be dealt with in a timely fashion. When you work with our tree service experts, you can expect reliable service from dedicated staff.

Common Tree Services Available

Maintaining the health and vitality of the trees in your yard is detrimental to the overall safety of your home and the homes nearest you. Without tree services, the world would see many more hazards and dangers in and around the home as well as the road. Some common services we provide include:

  • • Tree trimming and pruning
  • • Tree removal
  • • Tree analysis
  • • Tree planting
  • • Tree disease control

Why You Need An Arborist

Arborists are essential workers in the community. Arborists keep communities and cities safe from dangerous or fallen trees. Just like trees are essential to humans and properly cleaning the air for us, arborists are essential to trees and properly cleaning and maintaining them.

As an arborist, it is possible to get an entry-level position with no prior schooling or certification, but this is not preferred. Most tree companies insist that their arborists at least get a certification from the Internation Society of Arboriculture (ISA), as well as an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in arboriculture.

When you call us at VI Tree Service, you can trust that you are always getting a trained ISA arborist and someone that is a Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP). We have the certifications and experience to handle any tree situation you throw at us!

The Importance of Tree Removal

When you need a tree removed from your property, it is vital that you choose a professional tree servicing company like VI Tree Service to remove the tree efficiently and safely. Even small trees can become dangerous quickly if you aren’t properly trained in how to remove them.

If a tree is dead or dying in your yard or is damaged beyond repair, you should have the tree removed as soon as possible. Trees that are decaying will attract pests into your yard and cause all sorts of damage to your landscaping.

You might also consider removing a tree is the tree is growing too close to your home or another important fixture. When trees grow close to homes, they present the danger of falling onto the home during a storm or the roots could start to grow into your plumbing system and cause issues there over time.

Signs Your Trees Need to Be Trimmed or Pruned

Tree trimming and pruning is a service that is done when parts of the tree are dead or overgrown. If you need to know if it is time to trim or prune the trees in your yard, look at their branches. The branches will tell the entire story.

Some common signs your trees need to be trimmed or pruned are:

  • • There’s an overgrowth of greenery at the top
  • • Broken branches
  • • Loose branches
  • • Crossing branches
  • • Dead leader branch
  • • Misshaped tree
  • • Deadwood
  • • Tree cankers

Call our expert arborists at VI Tree Service when you need the trees on your yard trimmed or pruned. We will handle your trees and yard as if it were our own so you can ensure the highest quality service every time.

Why You Should Have Stump Grinding Done

Tree stumps are an unsightly hazard in your yard and decrease the property value of your home. The safety risk and value decrease are two reasons why you should have the stumps in your yard removed. However, there are plenty of other common reasons.

The arborists are VI Tree Service are happy to help you with any questions you might have about the tree stumps in your yard. Call us today and we would be happy to come and take a look.

Some common reasons to have stump grinding done are:

  • • Stumps attract insects and other bugs when they decay
  • • The stump could cause sprout growth
  • • It’s inconvenient to mow around
  • • You can use the wood chips for mulch
  • • Opens up your yard for new landscaping ideas

Common Plant Health Care Errors

Plant health care is a service we provide to ensure the healthy growth, development, and maintenance of the trees and plants in your yard. We see common plant health care errors all the time in our business because when it comes to growing strong trees and plants, things can get a little tricky. That is why it is crucial to call us to provide this service for you.

Some common errors when it comes to plant health care are:

  • • Lack of trimming or pruning
  • • Planting a tree too close to a sidewalk or home
  • • Not mulching the underneath of a tree
  • • Maintaining nutrient and soil components

Signs of a Tree Emergency

At VI Tree Service, we see tree emergencies all the time. It is vital to your safety and the safety of those around you that you call us the moment you notice your tree is a state of emergency. However, you must first know how to spot a tree emergency.

Below are some common signs that you are experiencing a tree emergency:

  • • ● The tree is suddenly leaning
  • • ● There are broken or hanging branches
  • • ● The tree was struck by lightening
  • • ● The roots are exposed
  • • ● The trunk is hollow
  • • ● Sprouts are emerging from the trunk

If you ever have any questions regarding a tree emergency or any of the services we offer, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Our employees at VI Tree Service are highly trained professionals. We have over 50 years of experience so you can rest assured the job will be done right the first time! Call 1 (844) 884-8733 to get your trees cared for today!