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Tree Service in Courtenay

From tree trimming to emergency service, VI Tree Service is your reliable Courtenay tree service company.

The Courtenay area is known for its old and healthy trees and forests. Not only do they add beauty and shade to your home, but if properly cared for, they can last generations. However, if a tree is damaged or in need of a little care, you’re going to need a company you can rely on for help. At VI Tree Service we are reliable, experienced, and trustworthy arborists and tree care experts.

How to Handle a Tree Emergency

When the weather gets bad and brushes the right tree the wrong way, it can lead to a series of unpleasant scenarios. Some tree emergency situations include barricaded doors, trees leaning on your roof, branches entangled in your electric line, sketchy leaning trees, and any other hazardous tree interactions. Do not panic or attempt to solve any non-urgent problems yourself.

The safest way to guarantee your welfare is to call an emergency tree service company. They will navigate the dangerous waters of a tree emergency and swim you back to safety. With the use of specialized heavy machinery, years of experience, and the determination to keep you safe, arborists will bear the brunt of the risk for you.

Why Work with Arborists?

In most tree-related scenarios, arborists are a fountain of botanical knowledge that’s essential for any tree services you may need. Experts can give guidance from experience. Arborists, in particular, carry a wide range of tree-oriented skills. These include trimming trees, pruning plants, diagnosing tree diseases, and handling heavy machinery. Any of these tasks takes an experienced, steady hand; arborists are that steady hand. Arborists also deal with the cultivation of trees, nursing them into a healthy tree or back to health.

These arboriculture doctors can create a healthy environment for your trees by clearing away parasites, fungi, and harmful human and weather influences. The area of arborist expertise includes:

  • • Diagnosis of trees
  • • Professional tree consulting
  • • Trimming trees
  • • Fertilizing trees
  • • Containing and clearing tree emergencies
  • • Specialized heavy-duty power tools
  • • Stylish landscaping

Arborists cover a wide variety of tree-related issues. One of the more appealing aspects of having an arborist work on your trees is for an aesthetic atmosphere. A proper tree pruning can increase the visual interest in your estate. For the selling homeowner, hiring an arborist to have their way with your shrubbery will do miracles.

Top Signs You Need Tree Removal

Trees play an important role in the visual aspect of your property. They help in many ways and sometimes it’s a shame to see a tree go. There are times when a tree is a hazard to other trees or humans and it must be removed. It is a very normal part of an organisms’ life cycle to fall ill. Like a sick patient, trees show signs of their waning health beforehand; you just need to know what to look for. Some of the death throes of a tree include:

  • • An irregular growth cycle
  • • The absence of budding branches
  • • Gaping cavities or a hollow trunk
  • • Branches breaking or decaying from the crown of the tree
  • • A cracking trunk and brittle bark
  • • Fungi making a home out of your tree

If you have come into contact with any or many of these symptoms, call an expert tree technician to diagnose the issue. With a proper course of action laid out, you may be able to avoid removing that beautiful oak tree from your yard.

The Benefits of Tree Trimming

Having your trees trimmed is like a haircut with extra incentives. Tree pruning can remove extra organic matter from your trees. Think of it as taking off the chains that stunt tree growth. Not only does an uncared for tree look messy, but it actually does make a mess. Routine cleaning can clear the clutter from your yard before it happens. The advantages of a regular tree trimming session include:

  • • Removing at-risk or infected branches
  • • Helps the tree receive better sunlight
  • • Increases your overall tree health
  • • Increases fruit quality
  • • Gives trees a longer life
  • • Adds a neat touch to the terrain

With all these advantages, any regard for your tree’s health would prompt you to call a tree trimming service. Tree trimming is not only an investment for yourself but an investment into the environment. See if you couldn’t get a few more bucks on the house you are trying to sell with a clean-cut troupe of trees.

Why Opt for Stump Grinding?

Are you tired of seemingly immortal tree stumps setting up camp slap dab in the middle of your yard? Having to work for hours removing it only to end up exhausted with suboptimal results? Look no further; stump grinding experts are here to guide you and kick those stumps to the curb. The value of stump grinding can be seen in several ways like:

  • • Effortlessly regain the ground that you lost
  • • Comparatively quicker turnaround
  • • Removing a possible host for diseases and parasites
  • • Brings aesthetic serenity to your lot
  • • Stops the tree from growing again

The one thing you never can get back is time, so don’t waste it whacking away at a stubborn tree stump; call your local tree grinders to get rid of them. You’ll save yourself sweat and headaches by making use of our professional arborists.

Tips for Plant Health Care

Taking care of your tree is the first step to a healthy relationship with the green giants in your backyard. This includes regular tree trimming, looking out for signs of death or decay, and calling when the health of your tree is in question. Consulting a professional arborist can increase the life of your tree, so it’s in the best interest of the tree to consult these tree technicians if anything is amiss with your tree. Some situations to avoid yourself for better tree health are:

  • • Keep construction away from the tree roots
  • • Use a professional tree trimmer to avoid over pruning
  • • Avoid suffocating roots with compacted soil (This means no heavy things like cars under the tree)
  • • Avoid damaging the bark
  • • There’s such a thing as too much fertilizer and water, watch the amounts you add
  • • Inspect your trees frequently

Land Clearing Done Right

When trees are left to their own devices, clutter happens in a big way. Sticks and stones will obstruct your homes but land clearing will never hurt you. Our professional land clearing can cleanse your property of that unkempt look and replace it with a lush lustre. The benefits of land clearing are apparent, but here are a few:

  • • Empowers you to do as you please with your plot of property
  • • Clears away the debris from broken trees
  • • Removes an unwanted ecosystem of undesirable animals (like snakes and rodents)
  • • Can create an alternative income from collected wood

Clearing your land is your divine right, so it’s wrong not to take advantage of it. VI Tree Services clears plots of land with experience efficiency all over Vancouver Island.

VI Tree Services are expert arborists authority in Vancouver Island. With over 50 years of tree experience, single-minded customer care, and an environmentally friendly approach, they are the go-to tree technicians in Courtenay.

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