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Dependable Tree Service In North Vancouver

Trust the health of nature’s most valuable assets to the best. VI Tree Service in North Vancouver has the skills you can count on.

Reliable Environmentally-Friendly Tree Services

The more that the human population expands into nature, the more responsible we have to become with our actions to protect the health of the natural environment. The more knowledge that is gained from the natural world helps lessen humans’ footprint on the environment. At VI Tree Service in North Vancouver, we’ve been taking our role seriously since 1990. As arborists and tree service technicians, we see our jobs as vital to lessening the human impact on the environment and allowing nature and humans to coexist sustainably in the same space.

Too often, landscapers and tree services are seen as jobs that destroy the environment and habitats but we see our role as preserving and rejuvenating trees that otherwise might be destroyed. As arborists, we have the training to take care of trees that are on the verge of dying. Often we can save ailing trees by simple nutritional support or corrective pruning. We see tree health as an important component of our environmental commitment.

Arborists And Total Plant Healthcare

Arborists are trained and certified in the latest science pertaining to tree care. As such, they handle all aspects of plant health care. Our arborists at VI Tree Service, are available to help advise you in all stages of your trees’ lives. Some of the services we regularly provide are:

  • • Species recommendations for new plantings
  • • Fertilizer and nutritional amendments
  • • Insect Infestation management
  • • Tree risk assessments
  • • Tree removals
  • • Tree trimming and pruning

Tree removals and trimming and pruning services make up a lot of an arborist’s business. For removals and trimming, we use superior equipment to most tree services, meaning we can safely access places that others can’t. We are fully licensed, safety-trained and insured to protect our workers and your property from harm.

For tree removals or difficult trimming and pruning jobs, trust the pros at VI Tree Service. We have the tools and equipment necessary to help for even the toughest jobs.

Reasons For Stump Grinding

Over the years, our technicians at VI Tree Service have performed many tree removals. In that time, many of our customers have asked why stump grinding is necessary if all they want is a tree removed. We have several reasons for always recommending stump removal.

  • Stumps are ugly and they take years to disappear by themselves- Customers who opt to leave stumps are stuck mowing and trying to landscape around them for years. Opting to grind stumps means they’ll be gone in less than half an hour.
  • Stumps will often try to regrow- When root structures are left intact, they continue to feed the stump. The stump will send out new growth that is weak and aesthetically unappealing. The stump will require constant trimming until the decisive action is taken to kill the stump.
  • Stumps invite termites, ants and wood-rotting fungus near your home- Part of the natural decay process involves critters that break down dead wood. The problem is, most of the support of your home or business is also wood that could become the next habitat for these infestations.
  • Stumps prevent new trees and landscaping- When stumps are ground down below the surrounding grade, the hole can be filled in and new trees, shrubs, grass and landscaping can immediately be planted instead of waiting for the stump to disappear.
  • Stumps are often killed by chemical means- An alternative method to keeping stumps from growing back is to soak them in herbicides. Grinding stumps is more environmentally-friendly because there are no chemicals that can leach into the soil and the remaining wood chips can be composted or used as mulch.

Preventing The Need For Emergency Tree Service

At VI Tree Service, we are always available to take care of emergencies. We keep a team on call at all hours just in case bad weather or accidents cause trees to fall onto roadways, vehicles or structures. While we pride ourselves on our responsiveness to our customers in times of need, emergencies can often be prevented altogether with some of our other services.

“Tree risk assessments” are an important aspect of the job of an arborist. Tree risk assessments are usually required by insurance companies when trees are growing near structures. However, even if your insurance doesn’t require it, private individuals can get a tree assessment done on their own property so they understand the risks their trees may pose to their structures. During a risk assessment, an arborist will take inventory of all the trees on your property. They will look for tell-tale signs of trees that may be likely to fail. Some of these signs are:

  • • Hollow trunks
  • • Mushroom and fungus growth
  • • Unbalanced canopies
  • • Leaning trees
  • • Dead limbs
  • • Splits in forks

After a tree risk assessment, our arborists will give you a professional report with their findings. The report will include information about the health of your trees as well as an assessment of the likelihood that your trees may cause damage to your property. We will also recommend corrective treatments to prevent emergencies from ever occurring.

Thoughtful Lot Clearing Services

Any time new construction takes place there has to be some amount of site preparation. Often, contractors will turn to tree services to clear the site of vegetation that is in the way. At Vi Tree Service, we mindfully perform site clearing services. Too often, we have seen tree services clear-cutting an area when it simply isn’t necessary. Although sometimes that is required, we like to take a more intentional approach by learning exactly what you need. Most of the time, customers want to maintain a certain amount of vegetation to preserve the natural feel of the lot and we are happy to help.

VI Tree Service has a staff with over 5 decades of combined experience. We’re ready any time, day or night to help you with emergencies or standard tree care. Don’t hesitate to call today at 1 (844) 884-8733 for any of your tree management solutions.