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Tree Service Experts in Parksville

Looking for a tree expert to help keep your property under control. At VI Tree Service we’ve been serving the community for years and have the certifications you can trust!

The Parksville area is known for its large and healthy trees. While they offer beautiful landscapes and much-needed shade in the summer months, without the proper care they can become a liability for your home. At VI Tree Service, we are your tree service company of choice. Our reliable and knowledgable staff is focused on creating a sustainable future not only for homeowners but also for the forests and their inhabitants as well.

The Benefits of Professional Tree Services

Whether you need tree trimming or full removal, working with an expert is always the best option. The two biggest benefits of hiring a professional for any tree service is safety and convenience. When you work with our staff, we’ll take the time to safely and efficiently resolve your issues. Not only does this limit any damage caused by a falling branch or tree, but also it ensures everyone in your family is safe.

Additionally, we also offer a full-service experience. This means that once we complete any service, we’ll also remove all the branches and debris, leaving you with a clean and beautiful landscape.

Why Hire an Arborists?

Unlike your local Parksville landscaping company, an arborist is an expert in the study of trees. This means proper trimming techniques, nutrient care, and even germination. At VI Tree Service, our staff includes certified arborists that are members of the Tree Care Industry Association and the Utility Vegetation Management Association.

Before starting any work on your trees, we take the time to inspect them and ensure there are no other related issues. All our tree services are custom-tailored to promote healthy growth along with longevity and safety.

When is Tree Removal Needed?

An old or damaged tree can be a major liability for your home. While many issues can be solved with basic trimming or pruning, tree removal may also be considered if your tree is in bad condition. Consider a tree removal if:

  • Old Age: While many trees in the Parksville area are old, an older tree is more prone to damage. As they age, the trunk can weaken, and without proper pruning, that excess weight in the crow can cause the trunk to crack or lean.
  • Hollowed Out Trunk: Damage to the trunk is a clear indication something is wrong. However, a hollowed-out trunk is even worse. Essentially, the tree is unable to support the weight of the branches or growth, which will eventually lead to a crack or damage.
  • Mould or Mushroom Growth: Trees are susceptible to fungus and bacteria growth. In many instances, these contaminants affect the dampest areas of the tree, mainly the roots. If there is mould or mushroom growth around the base of your tree, it could be harming the soil and trees around it.
  • Dwindling Leaf Growth: If your trees have been declining in health - fewer buds, fewer leaves, and rotten branches - this is a clear sign your tree is likely sick. While some additives may e able to strengthen the tree, at some point, tree removal is best.

Signs Your Trees Need Trimming

Tree pruning is a natural part of proper tree care. Not only does it help shape your tree, but also it promotes healthy growth and vegetation. So how often should you trim your trees? It depends completely on the type of tree you have and your goals, which is why it’s so important to work with a tree service company.

Some signs you need tree trimming include:

  • • The crown of your tree has gotten too large
  • • The tree is misshapen or overgrown
  • • There are rotten or broken branches
  • • There are branches that are overly small or not growing properly
  • • Your tree is not flowering or producing fruits
  • • The branches are starting to grow near power lines or over your home

In addition to tree pruning, we can also provide you with a tree risk assessment. This process helps us prevent emergencies and develop a proper care plan for your needs.

Is Stump Grinding a Better Option?

Once a tree is removed, more often than not, you’re left with a stump. While they can rot over time and be removed eventually, that process can take months and sometimes longer than that. The one foolproof way to remove a stump is with stump grinding. This process uses heavy machinery to effectively tear the stump apart and also any root growth that still exists.

These devices can reach underground as well, which can protect your home from further damage. This is especially effective if the removed tree was near your home or close to plumbing lines. In some instances, if the tree was not removed properly, to begin with, you can start to see growth again in a matter of months.

Our stump grinding experts will ensure that all traces of the stump are removed and that the area is ready for replanting if that’s the goal too!

What’s Considered a Tree Emergency

A dying tree can be more than just an eyesore on your property. If left unchecked or cared for, it can pose an emergency risk for both you and your loved ones. You should contact us if you’re dealing with any of the following:

  • • ● Rotten branches
  • • ● Branches too close to power lines
  • • ● A leaning tree
  • • ● Trees too close to windows, cars, or gutters
  • • ● Mouldy roots or foul odours
  • • ● Root growth near plumbing or gas lines

At VI Tree Service, we are your reliable emergency tree service company. From cutting at-risk branches to full tree removal, you can count on our expert staff to keep your property safe.

How To Care for Your Plants

Routine maintenance and care are essential for healthy trees, plants, and landscaping. While you should always water your plants as a bare minimum for proper care, however, there is more you can do to ensure proper growth and longevity. At VI Tree Service, we offer plant health as one of our core methods for tree care.

This includes a health assessment, to determine if your tree or soil is missed essential nutrients, fertilization to promote growth, and disease control to keep any deterioration or rot away. Because our staff includes certified arborists, we address plant health in a more complex and complete way.

Expert Lot Clearing

Have you recently bought some land in the Parksville area? Are you planning a new construction project or clearing space for a home addition? No matter the reason for lot clearing, working with a professional company is the best way to get this service done quickly and effectively. At VI Tree Service, we are a customer-focused and hardworking tree service company.

We can remove common lot issues like old trees, shrubs with extensive root systems, and stumps, leaving you with a blank slate to create on. We can also help you plan where new plants should be planted, ensuring your land is properly cared for and organized.

No matter what tree service you may need in the Parksville area, you can count on VI Tree Service for help. Call 1 (844) 884-8733 to work with our customer-focused staff.