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Are you looking to protect and enhance the natural beauty of your property? Get help from the professionals at VI Tree Service in Port Coquitlam.

As a home or business owner, it can be daunting to try and find help maintaining your property. Professional tradesmen have a reputation for being intimidating and lacking customer service skills. As a customer, this shouldn’t be the case. You should feel totally confident when it comes to spending money on professional services.

At VI Tree Service, we strive for excellent customer service every day. Our office staff and our field team work hard to effectively communicate to you every step of the process so you have total peace of mind. From performing tree assessments, where we present our findings to you in a professional binder, to total tree removals, where we will safely remove a tree and all green waste from your property, you can be confident that you are working with the best.

Who Needs An Arborist?

Lots of confusion exists when it comes to caring for landscaping and forestry. For too long, people have assumed that tree care could be reduced to tree removals and heavy pruning whenever trees became overgrown or unwanted. Untrained workers can do lots of damage to trees simply because they don’t know what they are doing. But the truth is, tree care should be left to professionals. Professional tree care specialists are called arborists. Arborists are certified and trained in all facets of tree care, from good nutrition to proper trimming techniques.

Trees have natural protection systems that allow them to stave off infections and repair themselves from damage. While trees show incredible resilience for recovering from damage, often they will regrow or attempt to heal in ways that are unhealthy long-term. An arborist's job is to correctly diagnose the cause of harm to the tree and implement a plan to save it.

So, who needs an arborist? Anyone who needs professional help caring for their trees.

Reasons For Tree Removals

While trees add massive value to a landscape, sometimes they must be removed. Often it can be a difficult decision to remove a tree but many times it becomes necessary. Some of the reasons to remove a tree can include:

  • • Encroaching on utilities
  • • Proximity to structures
  • • Insurance requirements
  • • Sick or dying trees
  • • Extensive damage
  • • Construction
  • • Lot clearing

Whatever the reason for removing trees, you should have it done by professionals. Tree removal can be a dangerous task that can damage your home or the surrounding landscape. At VI Tree Service, we are SAFE certified, meaning we perform our jobs to the highest safety standards.

Stump Grinding After Tree Removals

Once a tree is removed, all that is left is a stump. Some landscaping companies or private individuals who perform tree removals will often remove the tree but not the stump. Removing the stump is essential to finishing the job. The whole purpose of removing a tree is to enhance the surrounding area. How is that accomplished by leaving a rotting stump? After performing a stump grinding, the stump is gone and new landscaping can be planted in the same spot the tree once stood. Stump grinding is the quickest way to repair the aesthetic of your landscape.

Rotting stumps are not only unsightly, but they also attract wood-eating insects, mushrooms and fungi closer to your home. The infestations move from place to place looking for a new meal. Many times they will seek out the wood structures of your property after they are done with the stump. So, having stumps removed can help you protect your property.

Benefits Of Tree Trimming And Pruning

Trimming and pruning are necessary parts of taking care of trees. Pruning is practiced for several reasons.

remove a tree can include:

  • • Amend the shape of the tree
  • • Remove dead sections
  • • Stimulate healthy growth
  • • Enhance fruit or nut production
  • • Promote air circulation
  • • Prevent disease

Pruning is usually done in the winter months when trees are dormant. When done correctly, pruning is not harmful to the tree and can do a great deal to make the tree healthier.

“Trimming” usually refers to a corrective process for a tree that is encroaching on something else. For example, large limbs can be trimmed away from a roofline to prevent damage. Trimming can be dangerous for a tree because, when done improperly, the tree can become unbalanced and susceptible to disease.

Before you decide to trim or prune a tree yourself, consult with the professionals at VI Tree Service. We’ve been pruning and trimming trees for decades, so we know exactly what it takes to help you.

Availability Of Tree Services

One of the biggest problems with trees is that they can abruptly break or uproot and cause damage. That’s why we are pleased to offer 24-hour emergency tree service. When trees split or cause damage to your property, it can be unnerving. AT VI Tree Service, we want to take the fear out of having to deal with a tree emergency. Our tree service technicians are on call at all hours, days or nights, to help you protect your property.

Things To Consider About Plant Health Care

Taking care of trees goes far beyond lopping off limbs or doing seasonal pruning. The underlying causes of tree problems can include:

  • • Nutrition problems
  • • Insect infestation
  • • Fungal infections
  • • Poor soil quality
  • • Damage from lawn amendments
  • • Sun and moisture problems

The tree care experts at VI Tree Service have a passion for caring for the health of trees. We perform all aspects of tree care, including removals, but we get the most satisfaction out of saving sick or diseased trees. If you have a tree that you are worried about, call us for a consultation. We can put a plan in place to save it.

Meticulous Lot Clearing Services

When preparing for construction, it is common to need the build site cleared of trees and brush so workers can access it. At VI Tree Service, we offer competitive site clearing services so that you can begin your project. We are proud to have contracts with local construction and energy companies to clear sites for building and utility lines.

If clear-cutting is not exactly what you want, we can help you select what to remove on your build-site. By being selective, you can keep desirable trees in good locations so that once your building is finished it will feel like it's been there for a long time. Doing so can help increase the value and it will naturally enhance its beauty.

VI Tree Service has been serving the Port Coquitlam area since 1990. In our decades of experience, we know exactly what to do to help our customers. Call today at 1 (844) 884-8733 for help with all of your tree care needs.