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Professional Tree Care On Vancouver Island

Protect the beauty and value that trees add to your property. The experts at VI Tree Service on Vancouver Island can help!

Whether you own a home or a business, the property you occupy is likely the biggest investment you will make. Most people look for professional help when it comes to maintaining their property. Tree care is no different. All properties have some aspect of tree life, shrubbery or landscaping that needs routine care and sometimes corrective interventions.

At VI Tree Service on Vancouver Island, we have a track record of helping people preserve the natural value of their property. Our trained staff and certified arborists have over 5 decades of experience helping local property owners beautify and protect their landscape. No job is too big or small for our team. Put our knowledge to work for you with any help you may ever need with tree care.

Arborist Training And Qualifications

There are a lot of misconceptions that we like to clear up about what a tree service technician is qualified to do. “Tree service” simply refers to the fact that a particular business focuses on tree removal and trimming. Anyone can advertise themselves as a tree service company. In fact, many landscapers offer tree services as well.

The downside to hiring a tree service or a landscaper is that they are not trained and qualified like an arborist is. The training required to become an arborist is rigorous and requires years of experience and many hours of coursework. If a tree service has an arborist on staff they will always advertise it. If you can’t find any reference to anyone on their staff being an arborist, then they are probably unqualified to be doing your tree care.

At VI Tree Service, we have multiple arborists on staff with over 50 years of combined experience. Our arborists are certified through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the gold standard of arboreal training. We are trained in all aspects of tree care from planting all the way through removal. Since tree care is inherently dangerous, we are also bonded, insured and safety certified through the Tree Care Industry Association.

The Tree Trimming, Pruning And Removal Process

Tree care is a difficult job. It involves working with nature, fighting the weather and operating dangerous equipment in precarious places. At VI Tree Service, we have special tools to make our jobs go smoothly and safely.

For tree removals, our buckets trucks allow us to reach places that other tree care services cannot go. No job is too difficult for us to safely perform. If you need trees removed, we will come in and systematically dismantle the tree, taking special care to do it safely and not damage your property. We will dispose of all the refuse and grind the stump away. We can even give you advice about how to take care of the spot where the tree once stood.

Tree trimming is done anytime a tree is getting too close to a structure or it is growing in an unfavourable way. Over time, trees have a tendency to grow towards homes, businesses or utility lines. Periodically, they will need to be trimmed back. Getting help from professionals is important because trimming can be stressful for a tree and cause it to become dangerously unbalanced. Our arborists’ training gives them the expertise to perform trimming operations in ways that don’t overstress the tree or put it in danger of toppling over. Our tree trimming services are so sought after that we have contracts for power line maintenance with several local energy companies.

Tree pruning is a part of regular tree maintenance. Pruning is done to enhance the natural shape of a tree and keep it growing healthily. Typically, the inner branches of trees can put off new growth that overreaches towards the light that is stopped by the canopy. The new growth is weak and robs nutrients from the strong, healthy branches and limits air circulation within the tree limbs. Poor air circulation makes fungal infection more likely. By performing tree pruning, we can remove branches that are stifling the healthy growth of your trees and make them look more aesthetically appealing.

Why You Need Stump Grinding Services

Once a tree is removed and only a stump is left, what else needs to be done? Removing the stump is the best option because stumps take a long time to disappear on their own and will likely try to regrow from the same root system.

Stump grinding is the best way to remove the stump because it is quick and thorough. Grinding a stump takes less than half an hour and ensures that the stump is dead and out of the way. The space where the tree used to be can then be replanted by a new tree or some other landscaping.

What Is Plant Health Care?

One of the overlooked services of a good arborist is plant health care. An arborist is a trained expert in plant nutrition. When plants are suffering from nutritional deficiencies they exhibit signs like odd leaf symptoms or bug infestations. Our arborists know how to identify all major deficiencies that are common in trees and shrubs. By observing the problems that your greenery is displaying our arborists will make recommendations to bring the plant back to health. Some of these recommendations may be:

  • • Changing moisture levels
  • • Adding fertilizer
  • • Fighting insect infestation
  • • Removing dead or infected limbs
  • • Modifying sunlight requirements
  • • Amending the soil with fertilizer, micronutrients or mulch

Whatever the cause of your tree troubles, the pros at VI Tree Service are committed to helping your trees recover. We have decades of experience helping fix sick trees and we’re ready to help yours!

The professionals at VI Tree Service have been serving Vancouver Island since 1990. Don’t let sick or dangerous trees cause you trouble. Call today at 1 (844) 884-8733 for free estimates and competitive pricing on all tree care services.