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Professional Tree Services In Vancouver

Looking for a reliable tree services contractor? Look no further than the tree care experts at VI Tree Service in Vancouver.

When you need electrical work done, you find a licensed electrician. When you have plumbing problems, you look for skilled plumbers. Tree care services are no different. Having a reliable, licensed tree service contractor that you can go to for help is a must-have for every home or business owner.

“Tree services” go much further than just cutting down trees that get overgrown. At VI Tree Services our certified tree service specialists are experts on everything from tree nutrition and health to safe tree removal operations. Regardless of your problems with your trees, the experts at VI Tree Services have the knowledge and tools to solve it.

What Is An Arborist?

The word “arborist” is a special designation that indicates a particular individual has undergone extensive training in the field of tree care. Arborists are trained and licensed under the International Society of Arboriculture, or ISA for short. During their training, arborists are required to have several years of hands-on experience to qualify for their certification. Hands-on training allows arborists to be ready for real-world situations they may encounter while trimming a tree or looking for the root cause of a tree that is ailing.

During their training, arborists must also undergo coursework. Coursework covers everything from proper pruning techniques to signs of nutrient deficiencies. These studies give them the knowledge they need to figure out problems that a tree is experiencing.

At VI Tree Service, our arborists have a combined 50 years of experience. In that time they have displayed stellar safety records and saved hundreds of trees that otherwise may have died.

Do You Need A Tree Removal?

While it’s not advisable to cut down trees willy-nilly, sometimes it is necessary. Despite the beauty that trees add to a space, there are times when their presence is detrimental to the safety of humans and property.

From the roots all the way up to the canopy, trees can cause problems with the property. Tree roots have a nasty habit of growing into concrete structures like sidewalks and foundations and destroying them. Overgrown branches are at risk of cracking under high winds or heavy snow loads and falling on houses or vehicles. Limbs can grow into power lines and threaten to snap them.

Whatever the need, the tree removal specialists at VI Tree Service can help. Our special tools and equipment allow us to safely go where other tree companies can’t. If you’ve been turned down by another tree company, give us a call.

What Is The Best Time Of The Year For Trimming And Pruning?

The best time of year for pruning and trimming trees, even evergreens, is when they are dormant in the winter months. When trees are trimmed in the wrong season they become more susceptible to infection and infestation from tree pests that can cause permanent damage to the tree, although dead limbs can be trimmed out any time of year.

When pruning trees, it is important to follow the natural shape of the tree. Pruning is usually done to enhance the natural shape and amend the tree air that can circulate through its foliage. As an arborist prunes a tree, they will know what branches are weak and overgrown and they will remove them to help the tree grow better.

Benefits Of Stump Grinding

All too often, people have a tree removed only to be left with an ugly stump. What is the point of having a tree removed if you have to watch a stump decay over the course of many years? As you wait for the stump to rot, you will constantly be working around it and unable to do anything else with the spot where the tree once stood. Fortunately, you can get help with stump grinding from VI Tree Service.

With stump grinding service from VI Tree Service, we will come out and grind your stumps away to a level below the grade of the surrounding landscape. Stump grinding ensures that the stump will not attempt to regrow. Additionally, once the stump is gone, you can immediately select a new tree or landscape to take its place.

Do You Have A Tree Emergency?

Tree emergencies can come in all shapes and sizes. Over the years we’ve seen a lot of different ways mother nature can turn trees against you. A tree emergency occurs any time a tree threatens to damage an existing structure, roadway or utility line.

Often certain signs can occur that indicate a tree might be about to present a threat. Some of these signs can include:

  • • Unbalanced canopies
  • • Leaning trees
  • • Hollow trunks
  • • Large splits
  • • Dead limbs

At VI Tree Company, we stay ready to respond to any of your tree emergencies. We have experts that are always on call so they can be ready, day or night, to help.

Knowledgeable Total Plant Health Care

Trees exist in the larger landscape. Therefore, changes that are made to surrounding organisms can affect the tree. Often, homeowners will apply fertilizers or pesticides to their lawns or shrubs without taking into account that it will affect the health of their trees as well. Tree nutrition is obviously different from that of turfgrass or landscaping specimens. When devising a total care program for your landscape, it is important to take a holistic view. The plant health care experts at VI Tree Service are well-versed in the nutritional needs of your various landscaping elements. If you feel like your landscaping is not as healthy as it should be. Call today for thorough help.

Complete Lot Clearing Services

Before beginning a construction project, it is common to need the services of a lot clearing company. A good lot clearing company will handle all aspects of preparing a lot for construction to begin in a timely manner. While it is common to clear-cut spaces that are intended for new construction, it may not always be necessary.

At VI Tree Service, we pride ourselves on preserving trees when we get the chance. With our knowledge and expertise, we can guide you to help you make wise decisions about saving as many trees as you can on your lot. For all of the rest, we can safely perform tree removals, remove the green waste and grind stumps away so that your site is ready for construction to begin.

VI Tree Service has been serving the Vancouver area since 1990. In that time we’ve helped thousands of satisfied customers.
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