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Tree Risk Assessment Services

Tree Risk Assessment Services In Vancouver

Despite their aesthetic beauty, trees can pose a hazard to property. Let the certified arborists with VI Tree Service in Vancouver give you the peace of mind that comes with a tree analysis.

Trees add almost incalculable value to a space. There’s nothing more enjoyable than walking through a well-managed home or business landscape or a public space with large, mature trees. Trees bring us back to nature and encourage us to slow down from the constant movement of life. They can even help preserve man-made structures by shielding them from the elements. But despite their value, there are times when trees can endanger human activity.

Old trees are incredibly resilient, having made it through possibly hundreds of seasons. But, as trees age, they can become more susceptible to disease, weather irregularities and shifting soils. When trees become compromised they can damage property or hurt people when they drop large limbs or fall over on a home or business.

Luckily, our certified arborists at VI Tree Service have the knowledge to help. Not only are we certified as arborists, but we also hold special qualifications that allow us to do tree risk assessments. During a tree risk assessment, we will visually inspect all the trees on your property to make a judgement about their safety so you can be sure that you and your property are safe.

What Is A Tree Risk Assessment?

In short, a tree risk assessment is an inspection of all the trees on personal or commercial property for the purpose of identifying potential hazards with the trees. An arborist will start with a quick visual inspection to note the proximity of your trees to existing structures, walkways and roadways. If questionable trees are found, the inspector may perform more specific tests to scientifically determine the health of your trees.

Problems with trees can arise from a variety of sources. Trees may have dead limbs that can drop off and cause damage. Many species of trees can continue to live and grow with decaying portions hidden in the trunk that weaken the tree and its limbs. Poor trimming can allow a tree to become unbalanced and potentially uproot. The trained eye of a professional can spot these deficiencies with a tree structure analysis and help prevent them from causing damage.

Who Needs A Tree Risk Assessment?

Tree risk assessments are good for anyone that owns property with lots of trees, especially if there will be a lot of traffic around their property. Insurance companies and risk management firms will often request tree risk assessments for the purpose of identifying liabilities on personal or business properties.

What Happens After A Tree Analysis?

After a tree risk assessment is performed by a licensed professional, a report will be compiled with the results. Part of the report will include recommendations for trees that may carry risks. Some recommendations could include nutrient amendments, pest control, pruning or trimming or maybe even total removal.

About VI Tree Service

Not content to be “just another tree service,” we decided to get our arborist certification and train for tree risk assessment qualifications. We want to give you the confidence that your property is safe for you and your home or business. When you get help from our experts at VI Tree Service you will know you are working with the best. We are specially trained to perform dangerous jobs safely and we carry insurance to protect your property from accidents. Let us help you protect your property.

At VI Tree Service, we have been serving the Vancouver area since 1990. Call 1 (844) 884-8733 today and let us know if there is any way we can assist you in caring for your trees and landscape.