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Certified Arborists

Arborist Services In Vancouver

Do you need a professional arborist’s help with your trees? VI Tree Service is Vancouver’s choice for professional tree service.

If you don’t know what an arborist does, or the rigorous training they go through to become certified, then it is easy to think of an arborist as someone who just cuts down trees. In an age of environmental awareness, it is increasingly obvious the value that trees have for aesthetic beauty and habitat preservation. Because of this, arborists are sometimes mistaken for people who remove some of our most precious natural resources with impunity. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is, most arborists join the profession to protect trees and natural spaces. At VI Tree Service in Vancouver, we have a passion for preserving the rich environmental heritage that we see all around us. We love using our skills to preserve and beautify the landscape by saving sick trees and cultivating actively growing trees.

What Is An Arborist?

Our arborists are trained and licensed professionals that specialize in the care of trees. Arborists are sometimes referred to as “tree doctors” because they are experts at caring for trees. Arborists can handle all aspects of tree planting, maintenance and even heal a tree if it gets sick.

Arborists use their knowledge to carry out a large array of services to care for trees. Since they are trained in tree nutrition, they can spot the signs of a tree that is suffering from a nutrient deficiency and recommend a supplement to bring it back to health. Having a keen eye for harmful pests, arborists notice when trees are being damaged by invading insects and can treat an infestation to allow the tree to heal. Often, arborists will use their knowledge to prune a tree that is damaged or is growing in a way that presents a threat to itself or a man-made structure.

Do You Need Tree Services?

As humans coexist with the natural environment, sometimes it is necessary to intervene. In certain situations, it is helpful to get the input from an arborist to save a tree or beautify your landscape. In other situations, it may be necessary to intervene to prevent damage to structure or utility lines. Whatever the case, there are certain occasions that may make you choose to schedule tree service. You may need to call an arborist for help with:

  • • Damaged or diseased trees
  • • Trees encroaching on power or sewer lines
  • • Tree limbs threatening to fall on a home or business
  • • Planting local varieties of trees to enhance any outdoor space
  • • Clearing a lot to prepare for construction
  • • Routine pruning and shaping

At VI Tree Service, we have decades of experience in the Vancouver area. Whatever your concerns, we are eager to help.

Arborist Certifications

To become an arborist, a student must have experience and education in the field of forestry. Most applicants are allowed to take the International Society of Arboriculture certification test after three years of working in the field. However, many arborists have associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in related fields when they begin training for certification.

At VI Tree Service, we have decades of combined experience with our team of arborists. Our team of 80 trained professionals is led by some of the most highly-trained tree care professionals. We are fully insured to protect our workers and your property from any accidents that may happen. Furthermore, our commitment to safety is demonstrated in our SAFE and ISO certifications.

Working With The Best!

The professionals at VI Tree Services have been serving the Vancouver area since 1990. In that time we’ve helped hundreds of satisfied customers take care of their trees and preserve the beauty and safety of their properties. We offer a full line of arborist services, including tree pruning, tree removal and stump grinding.

One call to VI Tree Service and you can put our 50 years of combined experience to work for you. From tree removal to stump grinding, we do it all. Call us today at 1 (844) 884-8733 for all of your tree service needs.