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Professional Tree Planting Services

Tree Planting Services In Vancouver

Growing trees and landscaping on your property are too precious to leave to chance. Let the professionals at VI Tree Service plant your trees and shrubs for you.

Growing trees are great for the environment and also provides people with a lot of benefits as well. But, planting trees can be a bit of a roll of the dice. Trees and shrubbery take so long to reach maturity that often their benefits aren’t enjoyed by the person that planted them. This means that most people aren’t accountable for the trees they plant, long-term.

Poor planning during a tree-planting can result in a disaster, and there is nothing worse than having to remove a tree that is decades old just because it was planted too close to a structure years ago. The best way to get everything done right is with professional service.

At VI Tree Service, we do it right the first time, every time. We love helping our customers plant trees because it means that the tree is there to stay.

Reasons To Plant Trees

Whether you live in an urban environment or out amongst the trees in the forest, having trees on your property has many benefits. Trees make an area feel more natural and inviting. They also can add considerable monetary value to your property since properties with mature trees routinely sell at a higher price than their counterparts without mature trees. Some other reasons to plant trees are:

  • Aesthetics - Trees offer a buffer from the visual pollution that is a result of urban development. They offer habitat to animals allowing us to observe them in nature.
  • Energy reduction - Strategically planted trees can block sunlight from entering windows, preventing expensive solar gain that requires your air conditioner to cycle on.
  • Weather protection - Trees effectively block high winds that can damage siding and shingles on your home.
  • Noise buffering - Planting buffering hedges can significantly reduce the transmission of road noise in urban and suburban environments.
  • Soil preservation - Tree roots are a major ally in the fight to keep soil from disappearing from runoff.

Avoiding Problems With Tree Planting

The stakes are high when it comes to planting trees. Obviously, you want your trees to grow quickly and flourish but there are a lot of mistakes that untrained people make when planting trees. Some of these mistakes are:

  • • Planting too deep or shallow
  • • Bad mulching practices
  • • Inappropriate species selection
  • • Wrong moisture requirements
  • • Wrong solar exposure
  • • Sizing issues

Few things are as disappointing as realizing that your tree is not flourishing because you made mistakes when you planted it. Any of the mistakes mentioned above can lead to trees that fail to thrive and many times the tree will die or require removal.

At VI Tree Service, we want to help you avoid the disappointment by letting us help you get it right the first time. We excel at offering advice on local species and will help you find the perfect specimen to fit any space. If you have recently planted trees that you’re not sure about, we also can help by moving trees and transplanting.

VI Tree Service has been in the business of helping Vancouver locals plant trees since 1990. Don’t leave the health and beauty of your trees to chance. Call 1 (844) 884-8733 today for help with any of your tree care needs.