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Safe Tree Removal Services

Tree Removal Services In Vancouver

When you have trees that need to be removed, trust the best. Partner with VI Tree Service in Vancouver to help you protect your property.

Trees are organisms that represent a huge investment of time on the part of mother nature. Even relatively young trees can be generations old. As a result, It is never an easy decision to remove mature trees but sometimes there is no other choice.

When faced with the difficult decision to decide to remove a tree, enlist the help of the experts at VI Tree Service in Vancouver. With our years of experience, we can advise you on the best course of action. If the tree is salvageable we will make our best attempts to save it. If there is no other choice but to remove the tree, we can quickly and safely remove the tree so you can get back to rehabilitating the landscape.

Reasons To Call For Tree Removal

In our modern society, there are times when nature and human activity are at odds. Trees are a good example of this. At VI Tree Service, we can help you determine if and when removing trees is necessary.

Some reasons for needing a tree removed can include:

  • Proximity To Homes And Businesses: As trees grow, they can present hazards to structures. Limbs can fall off and damage property. Unbalanced trees can uproot and damage houses.
  • Protecting Utilities: Trees often grow into power lines and water easements where they can break off or damage electrical or water infrastructure.
  • Insurance Requirements: Generally, insurance companies will make inquiries about trees being near insurable structures. Some insurance companies will require trees to be removed before they will cover a property.
  • Build Site Preparation: In order to make way for the construction of new homes, businesses or roadways, trees need to be removed to prepare the site. This can be done by clear-cutting or carefully selecting trees that need to be removed.

Signs A Tree Needs To Be Removed

As arborists, the tree care experts at VI Tree Services pride themselves on being able to save damaged and diseased trees. However, there are times when, even despite our best efforts, a tree is beyond saving. Some signs that your trees are in trouble can include:

  • • Peeling bark
  • • Dead sections
  • • Fungus growth
  • • Insect infestations
  • • Hollow trunk
  • • Irregular growth patterns
  • • Extensive storm damage

When trees are damaged to the point that they cannot be saved, removal is the best option. Dead trees that are left standing present a safety hazard with their falling limbs. They also become a habitat for wood-eating fungus and insects that may want to munch on your wooden structures afterwards.

Using Tree Removal Services

Enlisting the help of an arborist is the best choice when it comes to deciding to remove trees. Arborists are trained to save trees if your trees are damaged, while they are also trained in the efficient and safe removal of nuisance trees. The professional arborists at VI Tree Services are licensed, trained and insured for your peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about anything.

VI Tree Service has been providing tree removal services in the Vancouver area since 1990. Whether you need help saving diseased trees or its time to prune your landscaping, we have the skills to work for you. Call 1 (844) 884-8733 today for all of your tree care needs.