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Precise Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

Vancouver Tree Trimming And Pruning

Only trust the best when it comes to caring for your trees and shrubs. Let the experts at VI Tree Service in Vancouver take care of your trimming and pruning.

Expert Tree Pruning Services

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you know that trees and shrubs in your landscaping take seasonal maintenance to keep looking their best and growing healthily. Lots of folks trust their lawn care to a landscaping company. While landscapers are often competent at taking care of your turf, they usually lack the training to properly perform trimming and pruning services on your shrubs and trees. Without proper training, it is easy to make mistakes that can jeopardize the health of your landscaping or make it look worse.

If you need help pruning or trimming your landscaping or fruit trees, call the pros at VI Tree Service. We have decades of experience caring for everything from landscaping and specimen trees to increasing yields on fruit and nut trees. Let us help you ensure that your landscape is attractive and healthy for years to come.

Trimming And Pruning Services

Trimming and pruning services are required when trees begin to overgrow or they need dead sections removed. During a trimming or pruning visit, an arborist will remove excess growth from your trees or shrubs that are unnecessary or possibly unhealthy for the plant.

Trimming and pruning your trees can help improve the aesthetic of specimens. For example, hedges can be shaped for a more desirable look and trees can be made more functional for shade.

What Is Tree Trimming?

“Trimming” usually refers to a corrective procedure where portions of trees are removed for practical reasons. As an example, trees are trimmed when they encroach on utility lines or when limbs grow too close to a structure. Trimming is usually done not for the purpose of the health of the tree but to remove undesirable tree growth.

Why Perform Tree Pruning?

Similar to trimming, pruning is a process in which an arborist will remove matter from a plant. The difference is that pruning is usually done to improve the health of the tree. Trees are pruned for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Tree Health: Dead portions can be removed to prevent a fungal infection of the rest of the tree.
  • Safety: Overgrowth can be removed from the inside of the tree so that there is ample air movement within the tree to discourage infection.
  • Tree Shape: Pruning is also important to shaping the plant along its natural structure to enhance its shape.
  • Home Protection: If branches are growing over your cars, gutters, or even powerlines, trimming those branches can help avoid an emergency.

Tree trimming is also a great way to promote healthy and vibrant trees. By promoting reliable growth, you can ensure the longevity of your tree and also improve flowering too!

Working With The Experts At VI Tree Service

At VI Tree Services, the health of your trees and shrubs is our priority. Our group of 80 specialists is led by our team of certified arborists who make all the decisions regarding the health and wellbeing of your landscape. In that time, we’ve proved ourselves to hundreds of satisfied customers.

We take pride in consulting with customers about the exact needs of their landscape, whether they need nutritional recommendations or help with tree removals. Don’t settle for less. Trust the health of your trees and landscape to the best.

At VI Tree Service, we’ve been serving the Vancouver area since 1990. We have the knowledge and experience to handle any problems your trees can throw at you. Call 1 (844) 884-8733 for help with all of your tree care needs.