3 Trees Vancouver Homeowners Need in Their Yard Now!


Vancouver, BC, Canada arborists want to share information about tree health care with homeowners. 

These Three Trees Are Perfect For a Vancouver Spring

One of the things that makes spring so amazing is all of the budding trees and plants. Of course, homeowners have to know which plants are native to their area before investing. The last thing a homeowner needs is to pay for a tree to be delivered and planted in their yard that doesn’t have the capacity to withstand the weather in their area. There are three trees that are perfect for a Vancouver spring and every homeowner in the area should have them planted in their yard this year! 

1. The Cherry Blossom Tree

The Cherry Blossom Tree is probably the most common spring-blooming tree found in Vancouver, but for good reason. This tree is notorious for sprouting beautiful pink and white flowers all over the top during the spring. Many people would drive a long way just to take a photo of a Cherry Blossom Tree. So, to have one planted in the homeowner’s yard would most likely increase the property’s value. 

Caring for the tree is also rather easy:

  • Adaptable to many soil types
  • Prefer acidic soil
  • Only water during dry months
  • They do not like soggy soil
  • General granular fertilizer once a year
  • Require full sunlight 

This tree can turn any backyard into a dreamy getaway. They are best planted a little further away from the home and away from the shade of other, taller trees. 

2. The Pacific Dogwood Tree

The Pacific Dogwood is a large and magnificent tree! It has a large canopy that covers in white blooms in the spring months. These trees are so large with large canopies that they require a lot of room. So, homeowners with large properties will benefit the most from this type of tree. 

Here are a few care tips to remember: 

  • Require partial sunlight with access to afternoon shade
  • Well-drained moist soil
  • Do not overwater
  • Prefer slightly acidic loam soil 

3. The Laburnum Walk Tree

Another extravagant Vancouver spring tree is the Laburnum Walk tree. This is also a tree people would drive far for a chance at a photo-op. They grow somewhat tall and have long-hanging branches with yellow flowers on them in the spring. These trees almost look like yellow weeping willows. 

Planting a few Laburnum Walk trees in a row – on a walkway – could create a movie-worthy scene right in the homeowner’s back yard. They grow easily when given a lot of water and sunlight and can be relatively easy to care for. 

VI Tree Service Is There No Matter What

The VI Tree Service is a professional tree service company in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They always take the best care of their customers and their properties because they understand how important it is to keep trees strong, healthy, and safe. They work hard to give homeowners in Vancouver peace of mind. Call today for incredible tree service in Vancouver!