A Quick Guide to Tree Care with Tips for Fertilization

Tree health care experts in Vancouver, BC give tree owners tips to help them care for their trees. 

Every tree owner knows that there are certain things they have to do to ensure that their trees thrive. Some of the common tree care practices that come to mind when thinking of tree care are tree trimming and treating tree disease. A step that is often overlooked when it comes to caring for trees is seasonal fertilization. 

Spring is the right time to fertilize trees. Don’t know how? Local arborists are here to offer a few tips. 

Picking the Right Fertilizer

What is fertilizer? The short answer is that it is a health supplement that provides extra nutrients for trees and plants. The long answer is a little more complicated. 

Fertilizer is a synthetic supplement that can be used on any plant to help it grow. In many settings, trees are crowded and they have to compete for nutrients with other plants in the landscape. Fertilizer helps relieve the stress of the competition and ensures that the tree has what it needs to thrive. 

Fertilizers that are purchased at hardware stores and nurseries will have a three-digit code in the form of 00-00-00. These three numbers represent the nitrogen: phosphorus: potassium ratio that is present in the fertilizer, respectively. These three nutrients are what trees need to make all of the biological machinery to make food from sunlight. By adding a balanced fertilizer, trees are empowered to grow faster and more healthily. 

Why is Fertilizer Important for Plant Health?

The benefits of fertilization to tree health care cannot be understated. When trees are starved of the nutrients they need, they can show signs of suffering that leave them weak, even to the point that they could die. Instead of taking the risks, consider the benefits of fertilizing trees: 

  • Minimizes Tree Disease: Trees have defence systems similar to an immune system. When they don’t get the necessary nutrients, they can’t repel diseases and insects that prey upon them. Good nutrition allows them to stand their ground. 
  • Fuels Stronger Growth: With more nutrients available, the tree can grow faster and stronger. Stronger foliation leads to limbs that are more sturdy and ready to stand up to adverse weather conditions. 
  • Enhances the Aesthetic: Trees with less dieback and stronger limbs look better. The thicker canopy attracts more wildlife and casts better shade, making for a more appealing environment. 

When to Fertilize? 

Spring is a great time to apply fertilizer around the landscaping at the home or business. Spring growth in plants has to be powered by nutrients that are absorbed by roots. Over the years, soils become depleted and can’t provide what plants and trees need in adequate volume. When plants show signs of wavering, fertilization is just what the plant doctor ordered!

Fertilize plants in the spring with all-purpose fertilizer before vigorous growth is seen. In the case of flowering or fruiting plants, fertilizing too late in the spring season can interfere. Early season feedings provide necessary nutrients to get the plant through the summer. In the fall, more fertilizer can be added to help the plant prepare for winter. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for application. 

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