Big Mistakes That Homeowners Make When Pruning Their Trees


Tree Care Experts From Vancouver, BC, Canada Discuss the Big Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid When Pruning Their Trees

Why Homeowners Should Hire an Arborist for Tree Care

Homeowners may think that tree trimming is a breeze and could be done by anyone, but the truth is that there is a right way and a wrong way to prune a tree. Tree pruning during the wrong type of year or with the wrong type of shears can destroy tree health, and even lead to tree removal if the tree becomes too sick. 

To prevent tree disease and tree removal, homeowners should trust an experienced tree service company with tree trimming and pruning. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when pruning their trees. 

Tree Service During the Wrong Time of Year 

Most homeowners only remember to prune their trees when the trees begin to look overgrown. However, the physical appearance of the tree is not the only reason why it needs to be pruned. There are specific time frames during the year which are best for pruning. Pruning during the wrong time of year can ruin the tree’s health and lead to disease, insect infestation, and ultimately tree removal. 

Flowering trees such as fruit trees need to be pruned at a specific time of year in order to promote the growth of healthy blossoms. Trimming too early or too late can ruin the production of fruit from the tree for the year. Seasonal insects may also be attracted to the sap dripping from freshly pruned branches, causing tree health problems. For most trees, from late winter to early spring is the ideal pruning season. 

The exception to the rule is dead branches. When the branch is already dead, it is fine to cut it off any time of year. It is best to remove dead branches right away to prevent the spread of potential tree disease to the rest of the tree. 

Neglecting Plant Health Care

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is neglecting tree health care. Just like humans and animals, trees are susceptible to getting sick. Tree disease can spread from one tree to another, which is why it is important to identify signs of illness early on. Tree diseases can be caused by fungus, bacteria, viruses, or insects. 

During a tree risk assessment appointment, the arborist will check for signs of illness. In some cases, tree removal may be necessary to prevent the spread of the disease to other trees. Diseases can be spread between trees because of DIY tree trimming. 

When moving between trees with contaminated shears, the homeowner increases the risk of spreading the infection from one tree to another. Cleaning the shears with rubbing alcohol in between trees and removing the trimmings from beneath the tree can help to prevent tree disease from spreading. 

Using the Wrong Type of Shears for Tree Trimming 

For tree trimming and pruning, it requires a special type of shear. Homeowners sometimes make the mistake of using whatever shears or scissors they can find in their homes. Dull shears require multiple attempts to cut through the branch and the hacking results in a wound that takes longer for the tree to heal. 

Cutting the wrong branches or cutting too close to the base of the branch can also take a toll on the tree’s health. For the best tree trimming results, homeowners and arborists should use the right type of shears to achieve a clean cut and leave about an inch of the branch left at the base to avoid cutting through the branch collar. 

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