Growing Fruit Trees: The Benefits of Edible Landscaping in Residential Gardening

Tree service professionals of Vancouver, British Columbia offer reasons homeowners should consider planting edible fruit trees. 

Beneficial for People and Animals, Fruit Trees Can Make An Impact In Your Yard

We all know how important trees are to the environment. They filter air and reduce carbon dioxide by absorbing it and producing oxygen. Trees have many other qualities that make them valuable in both the wild and in populated areas. Fruit trees have a dual role that can be useful for even a part time residential gardener. Let’s discuss how a fruit tree or two can benefit a yard and what types of trees work best in our area.

Why Edible Fruit Trees are a Good Idea

Trees provide a natural insulation for a home that can reduce energy bills in both summer and winter. The shade and wind protection they provide are beneficial for a whole area and not just the property they are on. A row of trees near a road or walking path can offer sun protection and can lower the overall temperature of the area.  Fruit trees do these things and more. They are fairly fast growing but usually don’t exceed 30 feet in height and can be much smaller.

Some of the most obvious benefits of planting edible fruit trees are:

  • Beneficial Bugs and Birds: Fruit trees tend to attract fauna that are helpful to an area.
  • Promotes Pollinators: Pollinating insects like bees and butterflies thrive with fruit trees around that are organically grown.
  • Sustainable Systems: Having your own fruit tree promotes sustainable practices and with proper care can bring in a bit of income as well.
  • Healthy Household: Fresh fruit being available means eating better for the whole household and avoiding the pesticides and other chemicals that store bought food may contact.
  • Fresher Fruit: Fruit that comes from your own backyard will be much fresher than what can be bought at the local grocery store. It is likely to be more flavorful as well.

What Types of Fruit Trees Grow Well in BC

There are actually quite a variety of fruit trees that grow well in Vancouver. Many parks and public areas have such trees that provide healthy sustenance. A few of the trees that thrive in this area include apples, pears, cherries, and plums. These can all be prepared in a variety of ways and provide a ready made snack.

How to Maintain and Care for Fruit Trees

Before deciding what type of tree to plant, it would be a good idea to consult with a tree service company and get your soil tested. This will help you make the final decision on what to plant. Tree care is part of what a local arborist does, not just tree removal. Tree disease can be detrimental to fruit trees and their crop yields so getting advice and professional assistance from an expert in tree health is key.

A few of the jobs that need to be done for fruit trees as well as other trees include:

  • Tree trimming to prevent damage to property or people.
  • Tree pruning for the health of the tree and to increase yields.
  • Tree risk assessment for disease and fungal infection.
  • Fertilizer after the tree is established.

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