How Do You Solve A Problem Like An Uprooted Tree?

Tree experts of British Columbia outline steps to salvage a tree after it has been uprooted.

What to Do With An Uprooted Tree

When a storm blows through and pulls a tree up by the roots, it may seem that the tree is a lost cause. If the tree has most of its roots intact and there is only minor damage to the branches, the tree may actually be able to be saved. Trees have an intrinsic value for their beauty and their ability to clean the air and produce the planet’s much-needed supply of oxygen, but they also have a historical and sentimental value to the people who live their lives around them. There are ways to preserve these lovely landscaping trees. 

What Increases the Risk of a Tree Being Uprooted?

Even though a storm or high winds are the main cause of a tree being pulled up, there are many other factors that increase a tree’s susceptibility to being knocked over by the wind. These are usually related to issues with either the soil or with general tree health. A few of the major reasons that contribute to a tree’s risk of falling are included in the following list:

  • Age of Tree: If the tree is nearing the end of its life and its roots are weakening, it may be at a higher risk of wind uprooting.
  • Tree Disease: If a tree has an infection of some sort, whether viral, bacterial, or fungal, this will affect the tree’s ability to withstand wind and storms.
  • Pest Infestation: If a pest such as a wood borer has taken up residence in the tree it will be weaker and more susceptible to being uprooted.
  • Erosion: Loss of soil around the roots can cause the tree to be uprooted.
  • Change in Soil Quality: The composition of the soil can change over time through natural occurrences or human machinations. This is a process that typically happens over years and affects the grip of the roots.
  • Soil Saturation: If there has been a lot of precipitation, the dirt around the tree may be so filled with water that it becomes loose around the roots and they can pull free with only a small amount of pressure.

Call An Arborist

The best way to handle a tree falling is to call in the experts. A tree service company isn’t just in the business of tree removal and tree trimming, they are also about tree health care. Arborists are experts on how trees grow and their proper care and feeding, so if you are needing to save a tree, an arborist should be the one you call. 

They can perform a tree risk assessment on any of your landscaping trees to see if they are susceptible to disease or to being uprooted. They can determine if a tree can be saved or if it should be removed. They can also advise and help you through the process of righting an uprooted tree.

The Procedure for Salvaging a Fallen Tree

If a younger tree has fallen, then there is a chance that it can be put back in the ground and survive as though its roots never saw the light of day. The process for fixing the tree goes something like this:

  • Cover the exposed roots with dirt to prevent drying out.
  • Prune broken or dead limbs.
  • Lift the tree up. Move it in as straight a line as possible to prevent further root damage.
  • Secure the tree in place by packing dirt and other support as necessary.
  • Make sure the tree gets plenty of water. 
  • Avoid fertilizer that can damage the injured root structure. 
  • Monitor the tree for transplant shock.

If this list seems intimidating, remember that an arborist is available to do this for you.

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