Is It Dangerous If Your Tree Is In Contact With Power Lines?


Vancouver Tree Service Experts Share Important Information On What to Do If Your Tree Is In Contact With Power Lines

What Should You Do If Your Tree Is Touching Power Lines?

Power lines in residential neighbourhoods are heavily insulated to prevent accidental electrical fires. However, the electrical power generated by power lines is extremely strong and the insulation is not always enough to prevent the electric current from spreading to tree branches. 

Homeowners should take heed to prevent accidents by having a tree risk assessment done on trees they feel are too close to power lines. In the case of a tree that is dangerously close or touching power lines an arborist may recommend tree trimming or tree removal. This protects the safety of the homeowners from accidental electrocution or fire. 

Do Trees Conduct Electricity?

Trees are not great conductors of electricity, but in the cases of lightning strikes and electrical surges from power lines, they have been known to catch fire. A surge of electricity can reach down to the roots of the tree and light the entire tree on fire. During storms the chance of there being issues with a tree touching power lines increases. When a power line becomes damaged and sparks too closely to a tree it could cause a fire.

One of the factors that contribute to how well a tree carries electricity is how much water content is in the tree or beneath the tree. While wood itself is not the best conductor of energy, water is a powerful one. Homeowners should be aware of the fact that a reserve of groundwater beneath the tree could increase the danger of a power surge. 

Why It Is Dangerous For Trees to Touch Power Lines 

Trees that are close to the home are a risk for causing a house fire. In addition to the risk of loss of property, there is also the risk of a forest fire spreading which could cause widespread devastation to local ecosystems. Trees that are touching power lines could electrocute people who touch the tree or stand too close, similar to how people are more likely to be struck by lightning if standing next to a tree. 

Practicing Responsible Tree Health Care 

In some cases, the responsibility of tree pruning and other tree services falls upon the homeowner. Those who live in a neighbourhood with a homeowners association may want to double-check before doing any tree work to see if it is covered by them. 

Arborists are tree care experts which can assist homeowners in planting the right trees in the right place. In some cases, it may be beneficial to do tree removal for trees that are too close to power lines rather than keep up with regular tree trimming. A tree care specialist who offers tree risk assessment is the best resource for homeowners dealing with trees too close to power lines. They have the knowledge and experience to recommend solutions for any circumstance. 

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