Is it too late to trim my fruit trees? It’s the end of May and I’m way behind with my yard work.

Great question! Being such a topsy turvy year with an extended winter and our global corona virus situation, this has left MANY way behind and wondering about the same thing.

The reality is that fruit tree pruning can be done in winter, spring and early summer….so there’s still time! One tree that needs consideration is the cherry tree. Many have already started to bear fruit, so we suggest waiting until the fruit has been borne and trim then.

One of the great things about living on the Island is that we have a remarkable climate that provides us with awesome seasons…lots of sun and lots of rain. Aren’t we lucky?

Here’s our Canadian Plant Hardiness Zone Map:


  • Zone 0: below -45°C
  • Zone 1: -45°C
  • Zone 2: -45°C to -40°C
  • Zone 3: -40°C to -35°C
  • Zone 4: -35°C to -29°C
  • Zone 5: -29°C to -23°C
  • Zone 6: -23°C to -18°C
  • Zone 7: -18°C to -12°C
  • Zone 8: -12°C to -7°C
  • Zone 9: -7°C to -1°C

BC Regions

  • Lower Mainland: Zone 7/8
  • Vancouver Island: Zone 8
  • Sunshine Coast : Zone 7/8
  • Okanagan Valley : Zone 4/5
  • Prince George: Zone 3
  • Prince Rupert: Zone 6/7
  • Peace River area: Zone 2

Our fruit trees do need care and attention as they grow faster than other regions. So, consider having us out to do a FREE estimate on trimming your trees, especially those tall ones!

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