Low Maintenance Trees for Vancouver Homeowners


Vancouver, BC tree service offers advice about picking out the perfect trees for homes and businesses. 

Keeping Tree Care Easy

In every home or business there is always plenty to do. For most owners, one of the main goals is to find sustainable ways to set up their properties so they need less attention but still look good and perform reliably. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to trees and landscaping. 

For many owners, they have simply resigned themselves to seasonal work to keep trees growing healthily but that doesn’t have to be the default expectation. Planning ahead and planting the right tree for the right site can save owners many hours over the years. Here are some tips from local experts to keep tree maintenance easy as well as some recommendations for trees that fit great in the local climate. 

How to Keep Tree Care Simple

The first step to lessening the responsibility for tree maintenance is to plan ahead. In landscapes that are well-designed the need for maintenance on trees should be minimal. When trees are given adequate moisture and sunlight they tend to need less maintenance. Apart from seasonal trimming, trees that are placed in the perfect habitat should be strong and healthy. 

Some of the things to consider before choosing a tree to plant in a space are: 

  • Size of the space
  • Size of the full grown tree
  • Sunlight requirements
  • Soil preferences of the tree
  • Soil quality in the space
  • Overhead clearance
  • Distance to nearby trees and structures

When all of these things are taken into consideration owners can make smart choices. Failure to take these things into account will lead to trees that don’t thrive and need constant support to keep them healthy. 


There are a lot of things that owners take into consideration when they decide to plant trees. One of the main factors that most people consider is how the tree will look in the fall before they go dormant for the winter. If this is a major factor for an owner then a maple cultivar will be an excellent choice. 

Most species of maples love the local conditions and they generally thrive in all soil types. When temperatures cool off maples sport bright yellow and red foliage depending on the cultivar. Some cultivars particularly suited to the area are Bigleaf, State Street and Red Sunset maples. 

Cedars and Firs

For owners that are more interested in a year round appeal instead of just enjoying trees in the fall, cedars and firs make excellent options. These choices are prized because they are evergreen and blend well into the landscape because they are native. Western Red Cedars and Incense Cedars grow upwards of 60 feet and prefer well-drained soils. Douglas Firs are long-lived and prefer moist soils but they do tolerate mild drought better than cedars. 

Magnolia Trees 

For those that love evergreens but still want a show during the warmer months, magnolias are the perfect choice. With large waxy leaves and gnarled bark, these trees offer something completely different in the landscape. During the warmer months they bloom large, white flowers that can be seen and smelled from a distance. Moonglow and Merrill Magnolias are drought tolerant and they are small enough to fit in smaller spaces and yards. 

About VI Tree Service

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