Mature, Healthy Trees Can Help Boost Property Value


Vancouver, BC arboricultural professionals share about the influence of trees on home values.

What Can Trees Do For Your Property

Trees are the longest-lived things on the planet. Most of them live much longer than a human is expected to. They are valuable for environmental purposes and for aesthetic purposes. A single tree will attract all sorts of other plants and animals and can create a mini habitat all by itself. This is part of the reason trees are so important to populated areas, even urban and suburban areas. This article discusses the monetary value of trees in residential properties as well as their priceless value in other realms.

What are the Best Trees to Grow in Vancouver?

When considering trees to increase property value, the biggest concern is the placement of the trees and tree health. If you have a magnificent tree, but it is so close to the house that it is a danger to the home, then it will actually be a detriment to the property value. Healthy trees that are well-trimmed and pruned back from the roof are the best trees to have. Giving your trees the proper tree health care is important, but a tree will only grow if it is suited to the environment. Below are a few trees that do well in the Vancouver area:

  • Douglas Fir: This native tree is both practical and beautiful. It grows tall and is attractive to many animals. 
  • Live Oak: This lovely oak is shaped a bit like an umbrella, being wider than it is tall, and it is quite a tall tree. The live oak needs plenty of room to grow but is a lovely addition to a large open space.
  • Crape Myrtle:  These lovely bush-like trees have gorgeous summer flowers that range in colour from red to purple. They are showy and grow quickly.
  • Hollywood Juniper Tree: These lovely trees are hardy and make great windbreaks. They grow in an attractive spiral and are drought-resistant.

What are the Advantages of Having Trees?

There are many advantages to having trees on your property even beyond the property value. Below are a few of the ways trees benefit homeowners.

  • Having healthy mature trees on a property can raise the price by $1,000 to $10,000. The average is between $5,000 and $7,000.
  • Trees help battle global warming and purify the air.
  • Trees reduce a home’s energy usage by sheltering it from wind and sun.
  • Trees provide curb appeal.
  • Neighbourhoods with trees report a greater sense of community.
  • Communities with trees report a lower number of domestic violence incidents.

Working With The Pros For Healthy Trees and Landscaping

Any tree service company worth its salt will be concerned with keeping your trees healthy for as long as possible. An arborist promotes tree health and tree pruning, not just tree risk assessment and tree removal. Landscaping and maintenance are just other aspects of their job. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to ask for help with choosing trees and how to care for them. That is part of the job.

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