Permits for Residential Tree Removal in Vancouver, BC

Tree care professionals of British Columbia, Canada outline the city codes for tree removal.

Do You Need A Permit to Cut Down Your Own Tree?

Trees are a well-known part of the landscape in the beautiful province of British Columbia. There is no debate about the importance of trees not only to the pleasure of the eye but also to the continued health of the entire planet. Many cities have ordinances regarding the planting and removal of trees on both public and private property. Vancouver is no different. 

Residential Tree Removal: Reasons and Motivations

No tree lasts forever and human ingenuity is continually looking for ways to improve life. Sometimes removing a tree is the best choice for an area. The major reasons for tree removal fall into the following categories: hazard, health, or construction.

  • Hazard: When a tree is threatening imminent damage to a home or property, due to a recent accident or natural occurrence, there is likely a need for removal.
  • Tree Health: Just as diseases can be spread between animals, tree disease can be passed along through roots and soil. If a tree is dying due to a fungal infection or a pest infestation, removal may protect other trees in the area.
  • New Construction: A tree grows where it will and may be within the lines of an approved building project.

Vancouver Tree Preservation Regulations: When is a Permit Required?

The rules that have been enacted by the city of Vancouver, BC regarding the removal and replacement of trees are fairly straightforward.  Those trees that require a permit are those that are fairly well established or were a stipulation of previous development. 

Requirements for a permit include the following:

  • The tree is greater than 30 cm in width or diameter.
  • The tree or hedge is 1.4 meters in height with a spread of more than 30 cm. 
  • The tree was planted as a replacement or was a requirement for a previous construction permit.

If any one of these requirements is met, then a permit is needed prior to removal.

Applying for a Permit

Applications and applicable fees can be submitted online and will be reviewed as soon as possible by the appropriate Vancouver city employees. After the approval process is complete a homeowner can get rid of the tree in question. Keep in mind that a replacement tree may need to be planted depending on the situation.

Don’t Forget to Hire a Professional

Just because you have a permit to remove a tree doesn’t mean you should do it by yourself. Tree care in all its forms (tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree health care) should be done under the supervision of a certified arborist. A tree service company has the training and the equipment to do the job right without injury to person or property, and they have the experience for a proper tree risk assessment. After you have gotten that permit, choose a professional tree service to remove that tree.

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