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Stump Removal And Stump Grinding: What’s The Difference?

Tree Service Professionals in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Share Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Information

Removing a tree stump looks easy at a glance, but in reality, it’s anything but. Tree stumps can be dangerous and can invite termites and other pests into your yard. You’ve got two options for effectively eliminating tree stumps: removal and grinding. Both options require special equipment and know-how. But, they’re both viable for certain situations. Read on to discover which option is right for you and what the costs are for each. 

How Is Stump Grinding Done?

Stump grinding is the most common and efficient way to get rid of an unsightly stump. It’s generally cheaper than stump removal because it’s less labor-intensive. A tree service will bring in a stump grinding machine and get to work, essentially turning your stump into sawdust. Depending on what you want and the surrounding topography, the tree service will grind the stump down past the soil level. Usually, the machine can grind it down from an inch to a foot below the ground.

Stump grinding leaves some of the stump and the root system intact, which means you don’t have a giant hole in your yard to fill in. You’ll probably want to fill in the small hole directly over the stump, but that’s easily done. You’ll also have the option to use the sawdust from the stump as mulch, although it’s likely to attract termites. You won’t be able to plant a new tree where the old one was, but the decaying stump may sprout.

The Stump Removal Process

Stump removal requires heavy-duty machinery to pull the entire root system out of the ground. This often leaves a giant hole that must be filled in afterward. Sometimes the heavy machinery arborists bring in for the job can tear up the surrounding yard. However, the nice thing about stump removal is the ability to plant a new tree where the old one was. 

Stump removal is the best option when you’re excavating land for new construction, or when you prefer planting a new tree precisely where the old one was. In almost all other situations, stump grinding is the preferred option. 

Expert Tree Removal Costs

Having a tree stump ground down is considerably less expensive than having it removed. You’ll be left with lots of sawdust, but you can use it as mulch or have it removed. Some tree service companies offer to remove the sawdust for free or a small fee. You won’t be able to plant a new tree where the old one was, but you can plan one nearby. The tree roots will decay over the years, as all trees do eventually. You may see some new spouts over the roots, but you can easily remove them if you want. 

As noted above, tree stump removal is usually more expensive than grinding. But, the upfront cost of removing a stump doesn’t include the cost of filling in the hole again or repairing your lawn from damage done by machinery. On occasion, chemicals are used to soften the soil around the roots. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, grinding is the way to go. No chemicals are used in the grinding process.

Removing a stump is a difficult task best left to the professionals. It can be dangerous and time-consuming unless you know what you’re doing. For fast and safe results, contact your local tree removal service.

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