These 5 Trees Love June in Vancouver, BC

These 5 Trees Love June in Vancouver, BC

These 5 Trees Love June in Vancouver, BC

Tree care professionals of British Columbia offer suggestions of a few trees that love Vancouver summers.

5 Trees that Contribute to a Vibrant Summer Garden

Trees are a valuable part of almost every ecosystem on the planet. They are no less valuable in the man-made habitats that are today’s urban and suburban areas. People often want trees for beautification, but they contribute so much more. If you are considering planting a tree in your yard, the following trees may be good choices for you.

Red Alder

This native tree is a host for nitrogen-fixing bacteria and is often a great choice for land restoration. They are fast-growing and have strong wood that has often been used by First Nations people.  The bark of the red alder is used to make a red dye; from this, the tree derives its name. It grows easily and tall with an elegant white bark.

  • Sun preference: Full sun
  • Soil preference: Moist
  • Notable Attributes:  Fast growth, easily propagated, good for woodworking, helps renew soil

Paper Birch

The paper birch is so named for its lovely white bark that comes off in thin papery strips. Its leaves turn yellow in the fall and it is often home to birds such as the woodpecker and the nuthatch. It is the favourite tree of the yellow-bellied sapsucker.

  • Sun preference: Full sun to partial shade
  • Soil preference: Various
  • Notable Attributes: Papery white bark, favoured by many birds for nesting

Red Maple

The red maple is a very common native tree that is spread across most of the North American continent. It grows quickly and does well in a wide variety of soils. Its leaves change from green to bright red, orange, and yellow during the autumn, providing some of the most beautiful colours of the season. 

  • Sun Preference: Full sun
  • Soil Preference: Adaptable
  • Notable Attributes: Fall foliage, helicopter seeds, provides food for wildlife 

Western Red Cedar

This tree has a long history among the First Nations people and is the provincial tree of British Columbia. The Western red cedar is a giant tree, reaching over 100 feet tall, and long-lived, often living in excess of 150 years. The wood is used for many types of building projects and is decay and pest resistant.

  • Sun preference: Full sun to partial shade
  • Soil preference: Adaptable 
  • Notable Attributes: Distinctive scent from bark and leaves, pest resistant, home for birds and other wildlife 


These large bushes with heavily scented clusters of purple flowers are perfect for almost any size yard. They are highly attractive to pollinators like bees and butterflies in the spring and summer and they are hardy enough for the dry, cold temperatures British Columbia sometimes experiences. Lilacs take very little care to produce a beautiful plant and only require a bit of yearly pruning.

  • Sun preference: Full sun
  • Soil preference:  Slightly alkaline and moist
  • Notable Attributes: Light purple flowers that grow in large clusters on the ends of branches, resistant to cold, good for smaller spaces 

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