Author: VI Tree Service

Should Trees Shed Their Bark?

Though bark shedding is a natural process for some trees, it can be a sign of tree health problems, say tree service experts of British Columbia. Don’t Go Barking Up the Wrong Tree Over Bark Shed Like the skin on animals, bark provides a protective layer for the more vulnerable inner parts of the tree. […]

Essentials of Fall Tree Care

Tree health care professionals of British Columbia share tips for healthy trees for fall and winter. 5 Ways To Prepare Your Trees Now For the Colder Months Though the primary growing season for plants and trees has come to an end, that does not mean there is less work to be done outdoors. A garden […]

These 5 Trees Love June in Vancouver, BC

Tree care professionals of British Columbia offer suggestions of a few trees that love Vancouver summers. 5 Trees that Contribute to a Vibrant Summer Garden Trees are a valuable part of almost every ecosystem on the planet. They are no less valuable in the man-made habitats that are today’s urban and suburban areas. People often […]