Author: VI Tree Service

Watch Out for Common Tree Diseases!

Arborists in Vancouver, BC, Canada offer information about common tree diseases Tree Diseases to Look Out For Many homeowners know that proper tree health is important, but not all homeowners understand the extent to which this is the case. Failure to carry out proper tree care and monitor plant health care can be detrimental considering […]

Determining Whether a Tree is Dead or Dormant

Expert tree service in Vancouver, BC, Canada teaches tree owners about tree dormancy.  Defining “Dormancy” Deciduous trees are marked by periods of rapid growth over the summer and periods of dormancy in the winter. Dormancy is the time of the year where the tree rests and prepares for another vigorous growing season next year.  Dormancy […]

Lowering the Chance of Oak Tree Decline

Arborists in Vancouver, BC, Canada offer a comprehensive overview of oak tree decline for homeowners Basics of Oak Tree Decline Oak tree decline is a pervasive issue among homeowners. While oak tree is an extremely popular species, it is also one that has suffered noticeably over the past few decades. But many homeowners struggle to […]