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Qualifications and Certifications

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

As a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), this affirms our knowledge and dedication to arboriculture while maintaining our commitment to adhering to the standards required to retain this designation. Certification insures that there is a complete knowledge of tree biology, diagnosis, maintenance practices, safety and tree care.

SAFE certified company

Vancouver Island Tree Service is a SAFE certified company. The SAFE program is a safety initiative developed by the BC forest sector and is administered by the BC Forest Safety Council. It is a prequalification process designed to assist companies in improving their safety performance and to evaluate company safety programs using industry recognized audit protocols. The majority of BC forest tenure holders support the SAFE Companies program and require certification as a prequalification to bid on forestry contracts. Our company is listed on the BC Forest SAFE Certified Companies list.

BC Forest SAFE Certified Companies list

Quality Management Systems (QMS)

VI Tree is committed to providing services at the highest level of Quality possible. Safety, Quality and Productivity are core values that must operate in harmony every day to ensure the well-being of all our staff. VI Tree has made the “Strategic Business Decision” to develop and implement an effective Quality Management Systems (QMS) across all areas of the Company. The implementation of the QMS is intended to improve and sustain the overall performance of our business and services. We have completed and submitted our QMS to ISO and are awaiting their approval

Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)

We are a member of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) which is a trade association made up of more than 2,200 commercial tree care firms and their affiliated companies. As a Certified Treecare Safety Professional, our business has been evaluated to ensure professional practices and standards are met by every employee. In order to receive accreditation, a company has to demonstrate that a number of professional practices are in place to safeguard the homeowner, such as:

  • - Best business practices
  • - Formal employee training
  • - Compliance with industry standards
  • - Adherence to safety and quality standards
  • - Proper insurance coverage
Utility Vegetation Management Association (UVMA)

Being a member of the Utility Vegetation Management Association (UVMA) provides the commitment and framework to follow their code of ethics:

  • - Hold safety as a priority in all deliberations and field operations.
  • - Strive for continuous improvement of skills, knowledge and qualifications.
  • - Conduct ourselves in an ethical and professional manner in all customer, business and association dealings.
  • - Observe and practice the highest standard of compliance with any professional, association or accreditation within the industry.
  • - Continue to promote and support industry improvement.
  • - Observe and comply with this Code of Ethics.
Integrated Vegetation Management

We are a member of the Integrated Vegetation Management Association of British Columbia. This enables us to reach out to companies and organizations who are seeking our professional services. IVMA of BC provides for us:

  • - Acting as liaison between industry and government agencies
  • - Production of an informative journal and website
  • - Organization of field tours
  • - Communication with other not-for-profit associations in other provinces and countries
  • - Information from various committees that are addressiing key issues affecting our industry
  • - Bi-annual conferences featuring guest speakers
ISA Tree Risk Assessor

The qualified professional will:

  • - Be proficient with the fundamentals of limited-visual and basic tree risk assessment, as defined in ISA’s Best Management Practices: Tree Risk Assessment
  • - Understand the principles of advanced diagnostic techniques for assessing tree risk
  • - Gather and synthesize information needed to assess tree risk
  • - Make reasoned judgments and recommendations for mitigating identified risk.