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Environmentally-Friendly Tree Services In Coquitlam

Trust the riches of nature only to the best. The tree care professionals at VI Tree Service take pride in being stewards of the environment.

Environmental consciousness seems like an odd characteristic to find in a tree service. Many times, tree services are seen as the bad guys who just come in to remove trees or clear cut building sites. The truth is, environmental awareness is absolutely crucial to performing the duties of an arborist. During our training, the arborists at VI Tree Service undergo studies to help us know how to preserve the beauty of trees while minimizing risks to homes, roadways, utility lines and businesses. As a result, we have a passion, not for cutting down trees, but for maximizing the environmental value of a space so human activity and nature can peacefully coexist.

Because of our commitments to the environment around Coquitlam, we have started doing things a little differently than many other tree services. We have begun to run all of our diesel machinery off of renewable biodiesel fuels. When possible, we use vegetable-based lubricants in our chainsaws and machinery. In attempts to reduce our carbon footprint and noise pollution, we have begun operating battery-powered chainsaws on many of our jobs. It is our hope that by taking these steps, our customers see that we are not just another tree service but we display our passion for preservation in every job we do.

Why Work With Arborists?

When it comes to tree care, you have many options available to you. They range from your cousin with a chainsaw to a landscaping company. However, as good as your cousin is with that chainsaw or as honest as your landscaping company is, they often lack the training to properly care for trees.

As resilient as trees are, they can be susceptible to damage from improper tree care. As limbs are removed, stubs are left on the trunk that can introduce fungus or insects into the heart of the tree as it rots. Heavy trimming can cause trees to be unbalanced making them more likely to uproot. Even removing a tree will leave a stump that can take years to degrade and may even try to regrow.

The certified arborists at VI Tree Service have a collective tenure of over 50 years. In that time we’ve helped thousands of customers take better care of their trees. We have even been called in to help mitigate the damage done by untrained tree trimmers that have damaged trees.

Signs You Need Tree Removal

As arborists, we will usually try to save a tree that is diseased or unhealthy. However, sometimes removal is the only option. Some of the reasons you may opt for tree removal include:

  • • Insurance requirements
  • • Proximity to structures
  • • Overgrowth into utility lines
  • • Large dead sections
  • • Mould or fungal growth
  • • Hollow trunk sections
  • • Exposed roots

At VI Tree Service, we own special equipment that allows us to remove trees carefully in crowded spaces where others can’t. We can handle any tree removal from start to finish. Our technicians will haul away all refuse and we can even grind the stump out. After the job is done, we can also advise you about how to go about choosing new plants to replace the tree.

Do You Need Tree Trimming Or Pruning?

Trimming and pruning is a normal part of tree care. In a perfect world, trees would be planted so that they never interfere with man-made structures. But, unfortunately, that is rarely the case. Well-intentioned people plant trees too close to homes or utility lines that require some form of preventative pruning to keep the limbs from becoming dangerous.

Trimming can be harmful to trees so it's important that you get professional help when you need your trees trimmed. Trimming can cause portions of the tree to become susceptible to infection by bacteria, fungus or insect infestation. Uneven trimming can unbalance a tree to the point that it topples over. Arborists know how to properly make cuts on a tree so it stays healthy and balanced.

Pruning can also be done to make sure trees stay healthy. Through pruning, an arborist can help light and moisture circulate through the inside of a tree so it stays healthy. Pruning helps shape trees and shrubs so that they stay aesthetically pleasing as well.

What Is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is the final step in a tree removal. During a stump grinding, a technician will operate a large machine that is designed to remove a stump. The grinder has a large blade on the front that chips away from the remaining stump to below the level of the surrounding ground. One of the biggest benefits of stump grinding is that you can immediately plant new trees, shrubs, ornamentals or turfgrass in the area where the tree once stood.

What Is Emergency Tree Service?

At VI Tree Service, we pride ourselves on being able to respond at a moment’s notice to tree problems. In the Pacific Northwest, weather can be hard on trees. Ice and snow can cause trees to split. Heavy rains soften the soil and allow trees to uproot. High winds can break limbs off of trees and allow them to crash down on your roof.

Whatever the cause, VI Tree service is always ready to respond to restore safety to your home or business. We keep technicians on call 24 hours a day to ease the concerns that come with trees that may damage your property.

Do Arborists Practice Plant Health Care?

While it's obvious that arborists know what to do to care for trees they also know how your trees integrate into the ecosystem on your property. Turfgrass, ornamentals, shrubs and trees all coexist on your property. Sometimes plants compete for nutrients so that special amendments need to be made for surrounding foliage.

With the understanding that our arborists have about the holistic needs of your landscape, we can make recommendations for nutrition and plant health care that can care not just for your trees but for your whole ecosystem.

How We Do Lot Clearing

When construction sites need to be cleared or new roadways or utility lines run, the professionals at VI Tree Service are ready to help. We can handle all aspects of lot clearing, from clear-cutting to stump grinding. We also like to use our expertise to help you design your site so that you can save as many mature trees as possible. Construction doesn’t have to totally wipe out nature on a site. Our arborists can help you peacefully integrate into your new building site by keeping some of the existing tree life.

VI Tree Service has been preserving the beauty of the Coquitlam area since 1990. Our team is led by licensed arborists with over 5 decades of combined experience. Only work with the best and call us at 1 (844) 884-8733 today!