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Tree Stump Removal and Grinding Services

Stump Grinding Services In The Vancouver Area

Don’t wait for years for ugly stumps to disappear on their own. Let the tree care experts at VI Tree Service in Vancouver remove your stumps with stump grinding services.

Have you had a tree removed and been left with an unsightly stump? Left on their own, tree stumps can take years to degrade. The whole time you are waiting on it to rot you will have to deal with looking at and working around it. Often, landscaping companies and even some arborists will perform a tree removal and then leave a stump. The truth is, no tree removal is complete until the stump is dealt with.

At VI Tree Service, we pride ourselves on getting the job done right the first time. Our stump grinders are always ready to go. Whether you need complete tree removal or you need us to finish the job left to you by another contractor, we are ready to help.

What Is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is a process where our stump grinding team will perform a stump removal. Stump grinding is performed using a special machine designed specifically to remove stumps. The machine has a special blade that is lowered onto the remaining stump. As the blade turns, the stump is reduced to sawdust. The stump grinder can grind up stumps below the grade of the surrounding landscape so that once we’re done there won’t be anything left.

Why Do You Need Stump Removal?

Leftover tree stumps are unsightly and can invite fungus and insects close to your home or business that can target the wood in their structures. As stumps rot, fungus and insects move into them to help in the breakdown process. Having an infestation of wood-eating insects and fungus near your wood-framed home is never a good idea. Furthermore, since stumps take so long to breakdown, they’ll be camped out near your home for years.

When left alone, stumps are not always dead. Once the tree is gone, the roots are still alive and will attempt to regrow. The regrowth will need to be constantly pruned and since it grows straight out of the stump, it doesn’t look nice. Having the stump ground down will prevent regrowth and all the other problems that come along with having stumps.

What You Can Do Once The Stump Is Gone

The best thing about stump removal is that you can replant right over the top of the site. Stump grinding removes most of the stump and root structure from the tree. Once it is gone, new turf can be seeded or a new tree planted to fill the space. Stump grinding allows you to immediately begin to remediate the space.

At VI Tree Service, we can remove your stumps for you so you can begin to restore beauty to your property. We can also make recommendations for resilient local species to replant with based on the exact specifications of your site.

VI Tree Service has 3 decades of service to Vancouver and the surrounding area. We love helping customers make good decisions about the care of their trees. Call 1 (844) 884-8733 today to get help from the best for all of your tree care needs.