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Looking for help with an old stump or rotten branches in your tree? At VI Tree Service, we are your reliable tree service company.

For many homeowners in Ladysmith and the surrounding Vancouver Island area, trees are a normal part of our lives and natural landscape. In many cases, these trees can also last for generations. However, they don’t last that long without proper care. Whether it’s watering, fertilization, and even trimming, there’s a lot that goes into keeping them majestic. Luckily, VI Tree Service is your partner for proper tree care.

With a staff of expert arborists and tree service technicians, we can help you with a wide range of services including tree trimming, plant health care, and more!

What Is an Arborist?

Arborists are the anchors in a tree emergency. Arborists keep trees in tip-top shape and safely dispose of the trees’ remains when they are past their prime. Being an arborist isn’t only a cleanup job, however. Arborists are the surgeons of straggling trees; they keep your property from becoming a tree graveyard with stump grinding and removal. They are experts at navigating tricky situations involving electrical wires and twisted tree branches. Like doctors, they diagnose trees for diseases and remove the dead weight that weakens a tree. These inspections range from solving surface problems to removing pesky parasites. Some of the many methods arborists have are:

  • • Dealing with urgent tree emergencies
  • • Trimming trees
  • • Pruning trees
  • • Tree consulting
  • • Tree diagnosis
  • • Tree cultivation
  • • Using heavy machinery
  • • Aesthetic landscaping

An arborist’s job description isn’t entirely about tree health. Ornamental tree trimming is also in an arborist’s repertoire. A professional touch to your shrubbery will add an artistic taste to an estate. There are arborists that specialize in the aesthetic appeal of plants, health and wellbeing of trees, and controlling the risk factors of trees towards human infrastructure such as sidewalks, houses, roads, or the electrical grid. Finding an expert arborist in every aspect can be a task and a half, so seeking out a professional firm to complete your task is smart time management.

  • • Fungi littering the base or any part of your tree
  • • Your tree’s branches are no longer making leaf buds
  • • Big branches from the crown of the tree falling frequently or dead and dangling
  • • Large holes in the heart of your tree’s trunk
  • • Tree bark breaking apart and the trunk cracking apart

When you come in contact with one or more of these symptoms, do not get chainsaw happy yourself; call a professional arborist to assess the situation. Doing it yourself is deemed very dangerous and can create a mess that’s much harder to recover from.

How Does Tree Trimming Help?

Tree trimming is the best friend of a healthy tree. Regular trimming can aid and guide the growth of young trees, optimize a tree’s nutrition distribution, and keep clutter to a minimum. Proper trimming can transform a landscape from lacking to lavish in one fell swoop. It not only makes trees look better but helps sustain a tree’s health. Some of the benefits of trimming include:

  • • Allows better photosynthesis
  • • Reduces the risk of infected, dead, and or decaying branches
  • • Cleans up future clutter in your property
  • • Enhances the fruit yield of fruit-bearing trees
  • • It paints a pleasing landscape picture
  • • Fewer branches equal more nutrients to go around the rest of the tree, resulting in a healthier specimen.

Excessive trimming can result in harming your tree rather than helping it, so it’s best to call an arborist to tend to your tree. They will know the optimal amount of trimming to increase plant productivity. VI Tree Services experts know which branches to sever in order to save your tree from novice trimming trauma.

Why Hire a Stump Grinder?

A tree stump can stay in a family for generations. The wrong tree stump can be an immovable moat for homeowners trying to clear their yard. Tree stumps are stuck in the ground with deep roots that make meagre solutions meaningless. It takes an ungodly amount of effort to remove the blemish of a big tree stump on your own. Luckily arborists have a solution for our stubborn backyard friend. Stump grinders gnaw away at a tree stump until there’s nothing left. A heavy-duty machine with a high-powered wheel with sawed teeth can level a tree stump effectively.

Do You Need Emergency Tree Service?

Trees die and decay over time and the result of these deteriorated trees is property damage and distress. If a branch gets entangled in your electric line or a tree leans over your house after a bad storm, threatening to smash in your windows, you’ll need emergency tree service experts to save you. Conveniently for the residents of Ladysmith Vancouver Island, our tree emergency solutions at VI Tree Services’ are impeccable.

How Can Experts Help with Plant Health Care?

An arborist can greatly increase the lifespan of trees through a series of plant health care treatments. Diagnostics can assess a course of action to take for a healthier tree. Trimming can reduce rot, scatter parasites and infected branches, and increase nutrients to the tree. An expert can deal with the environmental harm that hinders the growth and wellbeing of your trees.

Insect infestations are diagnosed and dissolved by natural mediums that do not harm the tree. Infections from fungi are gauged and gouged from a tree, or the entire tree is removed if necessary. Experts can tap into many aspects of a plant to ensure its healthy survival.

The Benefits of Professional Lot Clearing

Having an estate filled with sticks and hardy shrubs is a hassle many homeowners have no way to properly deal with. To save yourself a lot of time and a headache, a professional lot clearing service can step in to salvage the situation. Expert lot clearing firms have access to the necessary machinery to ensure a comparably swift lot cleaning job. It is the most efficient way to stave off a sea of dead and difficult plants from your yard. The last thing you want is odd animals hiding in the habitat this expanse of dead debris creates.

VI Tree Services is one of Vancouver Island’s leading tree servicing firms with over half a century of experience. Their arboriculture expertise has earned them multiple certifications in the field. They insist on leaving as little of a carbon footprint with their work; they are completely environmentally friendly.

VI Tree Service’s crisp customer service and professional etiquette keep customers coming back. Call 1 (844) 884-8733 for a free consulting quote.